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 Episode #4 The Monster

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Hidoi Harikēn

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PostSubject: Episode #4 The Monster   Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:07 pm

Hidoi was on the roof of an office building, undergoing an exercise taught to him by his mother that helped him focus his chi that involved slow, fluid movements of his arms and body. To someone watching it would probably resemble a Tai Chi exercise, or a slow dance. He didn't want anyone watching though, thus the reason for him being atop this building. His mother yelled long and loud at him, but it was worth it to hang out in a club and get flirted on by older women. Not only that, but to beat up more of those community thugs. She eventually calmed down after a few words from his father, like usual.

He planned on being in early tonight, and nearly started heading in that direction right then and there, seeing as none of the thugs were showing themselves much. Some crazy little kid was on their trail, they had to be lying low, or keeping extremely secretive. Some woman in the streets below began to scream, and was joined by several other high pitched squeals. Hidoi looked down to see some sort of... creature stalking the streets, attacking people, throwing things, making a big mess of things. It looked to be much taller and stronger than he was, but Hidoi wasn't afraid. He wondered if this wasn't another one of the community thugs' doings.

The creature that looked like a cross between a gorilla and a man turned to see a large horizontal funnel travelling toward him at a speed that was nearly inconceivable. The funnel slammed into the thing and send it spiralling through the air. The creature was ping-ponged through the air several times before being smashed into the ground from above by Hidoi himself, in such a fashion that it left a small crater in the ground. It was unmoving afterwards, and the child stepped down off of it's back and began walking off, much to the surprise and entertainment of the citizens watching. The creature didn't look done quite yet, and after twitching it made a growling sound as it began rising back to it's feet.

Hidoi stopped walking and turned to look at this thing. It looked like it could have once been a man, but it had been mutated into something else. It was big and muscular, standing a full 3 feet taller than Hidoi, who had to crane his neck to look up at him. The thing roared at the child, and Hidoi would respond by simply performing a open handed palm strike toward the thing's chest. Hidoi wasn't near the thing, but the jet of air released from the strike travelled across the space between them, with such force and velocity that dust clouds were left in it's wake, and slammed into the creature, knocking the wind from it's lungs. A combination of air punches came next, followed by Hidoi swinging his arms in a circular motion to create a mini funnel. The creature was caught inside and spun around in a very rapid fashion. When it was over, the thing began to puke on itself and fall over every time it tried to stand straight.

Hidoi didn't know how this person came to be like it was at the moment. He wasn't one to outright kill a person, even if they ended up like this, but he couldn't allow this thing to continue stalking the streets of Chokujou. With how tough this thing was, he knew it would probably survive what was about to happen to it anyway, but as long as it wasn't terrorizing where he lived, he didn't care. He pulled out the Mind Stick and began to twirl the weapon around in a strange fashion, keeping his red eyes trained upon this creature. When it gathered it's bearings and stood up fully again, Hidoi slammed the staff upon the ground before the creature, creating a huge explosion of air. A tall funnel cloud was created from the staff smash that launched the creature man high into the sky. As usual, the citizens who got to watch the kid in action were speechless for the most part; others were rooting him on.

Hidoi blasted into the air after the sky rocketing monster man, building up momentum and channelling it into the Mind Stick. When he closed in, Hidoi performed a swing with such momentum built up that it was enough to send this creature flying right off of the east end of the floating city and down into the clouds below. He didn't think the thing had the intelligence to find it's way back up to the city without sprouting wings and flying back itself. He thought it was safe to assume that he'd never see that particular being ever again.

With that done, Hidoi dove back toward the city and headed toward home. Creature people were one thing, but his mother and her yelling? That didn't compare...

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Episode #4 The Monster
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