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PostSubject: Ulquiorra[Finished]   Ulquiorra[Finished] Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 12:32 am


The Basics!
Name: Ulquiorra
Birthday: 02/19
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Element: Earth

Height: 5’9
Weight: 150lbs
Hair Color: Pitch black
Hair Length: Neck length
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pale white
Body Type: A thin athletic build

About You!

Personality: Ulquiorra is a very overall caring person, though he may at times have a difficulties expressing affection toward others. He follows a set of strong personal convictions which hardly ever wavers by others opinions. It is difficult for him to change his attitude about certain things, opinions or impressions left by people. In that regard Uquiorra is very judgmental, but never shows such tendencies to other people. He is much like a closed book gathering mass amounts of information, but never sharing any of it to others. Ulquiorra is quiet, clam, reliable and enjoys laughter, people, and positive things in life. Though he has temper not to be match by anyone. It isn’t explosive, but dark quite as he is.

Likes: Ulquiorra loves to meet new people even when he the quiet person that he is. From reading and writing to drawing and paintings he adores all forms of art and beauties in the world. Nature is something very pleasurable to Ulquiorra just being outside puts him instantly in a better mood. Traveling is also a big enjoyment in the benders life as finds discovering new cultures and histories to be not only educational, but very fulfilling.

Dislikes: Ulquiorra hates to be proven wrong by anyone. Another thing that he seems to be bothered by is being alone for long periods of times. He hates traveling alone. He hates the empty feeling he gets when he is alone. Another thing he dislikes is not being on land. The feeling of being unable to bend causes him to feel weak and insecure about his strength and worth.

History: Ulquiorra was born in small village in the Earth Kingdom. He being the only Earth Bender there was tasked of doing work others could not or rather would burn up too much man power to accomplish. Ulquiorra although happy to help his village felt that he could achieve so much more than moving boulders from one place to another only to moved again when needed. The boy at the time wanted to do more. He wanted to learn more than what was taught by the elders. Ulquiorra wanted more than what his fellow people could offer.

After many years of begging his parents to let him go they out of fatigue let him travel at the age of twelve. It was an exciting time for the young teen he desperately wanted to learn from the world outside the cut off village. Ulquiorra wanting leave almost immediately packed ready for what the world had in store for him. The nights of cold air and exploration were all of what he dreamt of as a child and now as it was finally happening he couldn’t, but feel a little sad that he was about to leave his entire life behind for knowledge and power.

The years that followed were full of adventure and blunderings as he tried to learn how to survive alone without his parents. It was exciting as he traveled much of the Earth Kingdom. All that he hoped for had happened and more for the teen. Ulquiorra still felt the need to travel. The world was big and he had, yet to tread so much of it. Ulquiorra decided that he had every right too! The world was his and his ambitions dictating him to do as he saw ft. The teen now seventeen felt it was his born right to travel throughout the world learning its secrets.
RP Sample: Ulquiorra walking down the dry dirt road wiped the sweat off his face with a cloth hidden deep within his pants. The road was long and the sun high. His pack on weighing him down did so, but only just as he stared at the distance intersection. If all went well he would reach the town settlement soon. The dry air stuck to his sweaty face giving him a general feeling of being sticky. First thing he planned to do when he reach the small settlement was to take a long bath.

Faceclaim: Ulquiorra, Devianart.com
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PostSubject: Re: Ulquiorra[Finished]   Ulquiorra[Finished] Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 9:15 am

Ulquiorra[Finished] 4jstj8

Not bad, Nasin.~ <3

Ulquiorra[Finished] VmAUC0R

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