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 Miriad "Miri" Tidao

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PostSubject: Miriad "Miri" Tidao   Miriad "Miri" Tidao Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 12:33 am

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The Basics!
Name: Miriad Tidao
Birthday: June/13th
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Element: Air

Height: 142 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Hair Color: Dark red
Hair Length: Long, to her waist
Eye Color: Dark purple/blue
Skin Color: Pale
Body Type: Average-Thin

About You!
Personality: Miri is a quiet and serious girl, many believe she is very mature and noble for her age, but below her visage she is actually much more like the young girl she is, she is even a bit of a prankster, although this side of her rarely shows and it purely comes with her age. Miri take's her family and her lifestyle very seriously and she concentrates on her training as a warrior as she is the next in line for her family's lineage of warriors. Given her upbringing, Miri is a bit of a tomboy and often tends to take charge of situations placing herself as a leader among people around her. It is her natural tendency to try and be the leader-figure in situations where elders are not present. This has led to her taking the blame for pranks held by her and her friends, and she happily takes the blame for them in place of her friends.
Likes: Miri loves sweets of any form and has quite the sweet tooth, often times she overloads on sweets and her mischievous nature comes to light. Miri enjoys combat and the training for it, she sees it as perfectly normal, even for her age, because she believes it to be in her blood to be a warrior.
Dislikes: Miri dislikes people who are rude and especially disrespectful, she expects people to respect her if they want the same from her, no matter their age. This leads her to seem disrespectful to many more noble people. Miri dislikes weakness in the form of will, if someone is quick to back down and drop their beliefs because of weakness, she is quick to judge them. Miri dislikes giving up, and will fight for what she believes in even when all hope is lost.

History: For one to understand Miri they must understand her family lineage. Her father came from a line of warriors that were not benders but rather wielders of steel weapons. These men that came before Miri were known for their prowess in surpassing even some benders in combat via their mastery of combat. Needless to say, Miri had a proud family history to live up to. Her father fell in love with a young woman and they married, and then Miri was born. Miri became the only child, and she was a girl. This upset the line of her father greatly, as the past warriors had all been men. Little did her father know, airbender blood ran through the veins of Miri's mother. Miri's mother wasn't an airbender herself, but her ancestors were and the latent ability was stored away in her genes. This latent ability came to light when Miri was about the age of four. It started as freak accidents in the house, curtains getting cleaved in two for no reason with perfectly straight cuts... cups flying off the table and hitting the wall. It didn't take long however for her parents to realize what was going on, Miri had the ability to airbend, of course the child had little to no control over it, it just came out at random times and often caused accidents in the household. It had broken though, the line of warriors that were not benders was shattered. This didn't make Miri's father love her any less though and he often told her stories at night of the adventures of their ancestors.

From a young age Miri's father taught her the way of the sword, and she seemed to enjoy the use of katana's the most. Of course she had only practiced with wooden ones, a young girl wouldn't be allowed to use an actual weapon, not until she was older. As Miri grew older, her father gained some hope, he came to believe that their family history wasn't over, but rather it may take a small change, he thought that she would be able to use her bending to enhance her abilities as a swordswoman. The concept was simple, it could be anything from simply bending the air currents around her to enhance a slash or it could go as far as using air bending for high mobility in battle. He saw the latent potential there, but he knew there was no way he could teach her air bending, she would have to learn it on her own or find a master to teach her. So that brings us to Miri right now, nine years of age and while she has some control over her airbending, she is still only a novice in the art, and her swordplay is great, but she still has much to learn before her father's foresight actually came true.

RP Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Miriad "Miri" Tidao   Miriad "Miri" Tidao Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 9:18 am

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Miriad "Miri" Tidao
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