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 Baskerville Winters

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PostSubject: Baskerville Winters   Baskerville Winters Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 1:23 am

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The Basics!
Name:Baskerville Winters
Birthday: December/25th
Age: Nine
Gender: Male
Element: Waterbending

Height: 4'5 ft.
Weight: 76 lb.
Hair Color: White
Hair Length: Neck Length
Eye Color: Teal
Skin Color: Tan
Body Type: Average

About You!
Traits -
Charisma: High
Fear: Low
Happiness: High
Anger: Above-Average
Intelligence: Low

Baskerville is a quirky little boy. Outside his many strange and random mannerisms, he seems to be borderline stupid. He is a bit slow and doesn't seem to get things entirely. Of course he plays it on sometimes, but in all honestly when he get his finger stuck in a McDonald's cup, it is his own fault.

The boy, however, is completely likable. Most people find him adorable and grow quite fond of him. Of course this goes both ways, as he gets easily attached to people and can be clingy. His over positive nature allows him to comfort those he feels need help. The boy is gleaming innocence.

As a fearless bender, he is very adventurous. Basker gets himself into all sorts of trouble; giving his friends the burden of haven to fix the problems he causes. This irresponsible/reckless side of him is very irritating to those around him.

His attitude is surprisingly very humble and modest. Being a great bender for his age, he rarely shows off or brags about it. He doesn't like to use force on those who can't fight back, ironic since he is only nine.

Baskerville likes the water, and how it makes him feel weightless when submerged. He is also very fond of the creatures in the sea. He dreams of having a pet from the ocean, but who knows when that will be. He plans on living in a giant fishbowl with his pet one day.

He likes Miso soup, spicy foods, and milk. His favorite animal is the Otter-Cat, and he loves pro-bending.

He is scared of dark, and hates being alone at night. His worst fear is being left alone, or lost, in a place where he wouldn't know where to go to get home.

Basker hates sweet food, they make him sick and hurt his teeth. Along side this, he despises sticky surfaces and loud people.

Baskerville was born in the Northern Water Tribe. He was born by two non-benders, but having his grandmother being a bender he inherited the ability. At a young he was put into water bending practices by the water benders.

When he was five years old he was abducted by a human trafficking group, he never saw his parents again. With him being a bender he was sold to underground bending fights as a slave in republic city. These fights weren't to the death, but it happened every now and again.

To keep fights interesting he was never pinned against those older than him, and rarely those his age (due to rarity), since he was so weak and small. Usually he was forced to fight young viscous animals.

When he would refuse to fight he was chi-blocked, or punished by some unusual punishment. After a year and a half begin in these fights, he was began to realized when he would win he would have to fight more. He began throwing matches, and was punished for it. But soon his owner had given up on him and sold him to a nobleman as a personal servant.

As a servant he was forced to cook, clean, and do daily house chores for this man. The authorities of Republic City didn't suspect this as anything illegal as it was to appear as he was a family member, doing house chores. His owner was cruel and was very neglecting of his help. This went one for two years and 6 months.

One night his owner brought him to a Gentlemen Club, so he could do misc. tasks for him, called the Pink Cupcake. In a drunk stupor his owner lost Basker in a game of poker to a roughneck biker. The biker excited that he won a personal servant, celebrated with his friends and got completely wasted.

Basker was tied to the leg of a table, like a dog, until a fight broke involving a firebender. With the cry, "Get dunked!" a man fell onto the table breaking it. In the confusion Basker escaped the club and took refuge in the dumpster behind the club.

Later that night, a red haired girl saw him stumble into his new metal bed. She looked inside to saw Basker in to the fetal position trying to sleep. At that moment, a pink haired woman exited the back door of the Pink Cupcake, going to throw away trash. She saw the girl looking into the dumpster and noticed Basker as well.

Feeling pity for the two she offered out a helping hand for them to stay with her for the night, due to them having no where to stay.

When asked about his past Basker didn't answer. He began blocking out everything about the past four years. As if it never happened.

RP Sample:
The daylight shined little though the dark clouds that rolled over the digital sky. The tiny Yokomon went about their normal routine. They cleaned their walk ways, collect the volano purified water from the stream, socialized, worked, etc. It was a peaceful day, like most others that came before it. But this peace was a fake one. Outside the village was darkness. Darkness spreading, making digimon go wild. It was a free-for-all outside the safety of the village. Unfortunately, the secure boundaries of this community were about to fall.

A quarter of a mile back was the dou of Baskerville and Blak. They hid on top of a lush tree. A lot of green surrounded them. The two couldn't believe for what they were about to do, it almost felt dishonorable. The Yokomon were weak and cant' defend themselves.

Basker wore his new disguise. No, his new face. His new name. Cheshire. Under this visual protection no one could identify him. The read scarf that covered his torso blew in the breeze. Blak, currently as Bakumon, stood beside him on the branch they rested on. His face was expressed deep contemplation.

It was what he always wanted, Blak. To begin his climb to the throne, as Ruler of the Digital World. Their goal was to strike fear into the heart of every digimon. They want their existence to be feared by all. Starting with the Yokomon Village they begin this mission.

Jona wears the disguise to protect himself. The cannot perform the mission of Cheshire forever. He needs to be safe as Jona, and feared as Cheshire.

The two had a understood silence between each other. Not a word will be spoken during this mission to each other. It'll only make them lose focus.

Basker looked at Blak through his mask. Blak understood, he can feel his intentions. The digimon began to glow. His skin shined bright white and began to morph. The blob of light grew in size, it's form becoming more and more defined. When the light subsided a terrifying blak dragon was left. Devidramon.

The surrounding branches had broken and the tree was soon about to break from the pressure of Blak's weight. Basker quickly hopped onto Devidramon's back and secured his body. The winged beast darted into the air with great speed. The tree below them fell soon after.

The digimon let out a roar that could be heard for miles and released a black flame below him. Causing a few trees below to catch fire. The two darted off towards the direction of the village. Blak let out another roar giving the warning of the attack.

Soon they were flying about the target. They circled it. Continuing to roar. The Yokomon grew terrified of what could happen. Basker's eyes met with one of the Yokomon's. He gave Blak the thought of keeping casualties to a little to none.

The dou started down ward and the Devidramon let out a black fire upon a small hut. Blak steadied up and hovered over the people.

"I am Cheshire!" Basker yelled.

Blak roared once again.


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Baskerville Winters
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