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 Agni Kai Rules

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PostSubject: Agni Kai Rules   Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:46 pm

Agni Kai is a traditional firebender duel that is centuries old. It is a fight for one's honor and is won only when one opponent burns the other. The outcome affects the honor of both opponents. These duels are a popular method of resolving conflicts and are a source of entertainment for all spectators. The Royal Palace even houses a special Agni Kai chamber. Any firebender may participate; male or female can be challenged. Fire Lords can also be challenged, but that rarely happens, because most Fire Lords are among the most powerful firebenders in the world.

If one person has a dispute with another person, he or she may challenge the other person to an Agni Kai. If the challenge is accepted, the two combatants move to either an official dueling area or whatever open area is available, such as a parade ground or plaza. The ceremonial opening begins with the two combatants opposite each other with their backs turned. The combatants stand, face each other, shed their shoulder garment, and begin the duel as soon as the gong sounds. In a proper fire duel, both combatants (if male) fight with a bare torso. The Agni Kai is over when one participant burns the other.

Calling for an Agni Kai is simple enough. Merely verbally announce your challenge and conditions to your chosen opponent; or send (via public RP) an official declaration of Agni Kai via messenger hawk or formal messenger. At this point a time and place for the duel is declared and the duel will take place then. However, if may delcare your Agni Kai for immediate commencement so long as the area you are currently in is able to facilitate an Agni Kai. All outdoor areas not within cities or temples are Agni Kai suitible; and any large, open recreational space within cities and temples can be utilized in a pinch. If you are unsure if your chosen area is Agni Kai favorable, contact a staff member.

The rules for Agni Kai are very simple:

  • The first participant to burn the other wins.
  • Agni Kai are by definition death-enabled.
  • The person issuing the challenge is able to set a maximum of THREE (3) additional conditions when they initiate the Agni Kai. All Conditions must be pre-approved by staff.
  • You have a maximum of TWENTY (20) full turns to complete the Agni Kai; unless otherwise stated by Staff.
  • If a winner has not been decied within the allotted time, the staff will announce the formal winner.

While traditionally restricted to Firebenders only, in modern times Agi Kai has expanded to allow all benders to be challenged. Non-firebenders must follow all traditional and stated conditions; however the overall rules are slightly modified to fit the situation.

  • You must force your participant to surrender. Burns from a Firebender will still end the duel as normal.
  • Death Enabled
  • No condition may be set that restricts ANY bender from using their BASE element.
  • You have a maximum of TWENTY (20) full turns to complete the Agni Kai; unless otherwise stated by Staff.
  • If a winner has not been decied within the allotted time, the staff will announce the formal winner.

Very little can be considered banned in an Agni Kai; the duels by their very nature are a ritualized free-for-all within the broad rules set. However, the following are ABSOLUTELY banned, unless otherwise stated by ADMINISTRATORS ONLY.

  • Conditions banning the use of base elements of non-Firebenders
  • Legendary or Avatar level weaponry
  • Secondary/Advanced elements and techniques are not allowed unless cleared by Staff first.
  • Energy Bending is banned from Agni Kai unless both parties are capable of it.

*** Staff may be called to intervine in Agni Kai if either contestant or mediator feels that a rule has been broken, or that some attack/weapon is illegally used. Abusing this system will result in dire consequences, do not come to staff just because you are losing a legal battle and don't like it.***
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Agni Kai Rules
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