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 Tatsu Jurisako ! DONE!

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PostSubject: Tatsu Jurisako ! DONE!   Tatsu Jurisako ! DONE! Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 11:53 pm

Tatsu Jurisako ! DONE! 2Q==

The Basics!
Name: Tatsu Jurisako
Birthday: November 16th
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Element: Air

Height: Six feet
Weight: 110 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Average caucasian
Body Type: SLightly above average but not much

About You!
Personality: Tatsu is a very carefree and fun loving person. He loves to bend and practice but will find time to relax. He usually spends his time running around or looking for a good time via training or talking to people. He is pretty social and not to serious in most situations. He is very creative and likes to do thinks in strange ways , this can be seen in the way he bends. It is because of this creativity and carefree nature that also brings along a disliking for rules and restrictions. Again he is very energetic and rambunctious often being scolded by people to settle down or not be so loud which he would usually respond with a non hurtful but annoying blow of air to the face and loud laughing from said blow to the face. When it comes to friends Tatsu is very loyal and tries to find a friend in everyone as long as they are willing to have a bit of fun. When it comes to women he likes to flirt but never usually means anything by it because he is usually just being playful most of the time. He is not the most intelligent sometimes not noticing obvious things but when in a serious state or in combat he can be quite quick physically and mentally.
Likes:  Food: Being the energetic guy he is he loves to eat in large amounts and will eat almost anything other than fish. His favorite foods are usually sweet such as fruit or some good meet. He isn't afraid to try new things. Bending: This is his outlet, this is the best way he can express himself bending to him is like being one with the force of nature, connected through mind body spirit and creativity. Music, other than bending he loves to play and listen to music, as a kid he learned to play many instruments mostly winds and a few strings.

Dislikes: Fish, even though he likes to eat he absolutely hates fish and will refuse any and all seafood, it was strange he just has an extreme distaste for it, it may even put him off his appetite for a while. Trust me this is no easy task. Over seriousness, he thinks people who are to serious or very quiet most of the time probably don't know how to have fun so he will usually try to include them unless they are the type who are anti social, he would still tease them a bit.  

History:  As a child Tatsu was seen as a semi gifted bender, this was not because he was extrmly exceptional at it or above average in anyway but because it ability was discovered at an early age, he was about three years old, he sat down on the floor playing like any child would be however his mother noticed every time Tatsu would have his arm a small piece of paper near Tatsu would begin to drift a bit further away. At first she thought this was the wind but quickly noticed there were no windows open nor was there a draft. As he grew older he finally noticed his ability as well sense then he decided to train to become a powerful bender. Being an average kid as far as bending goes was not uncommon however what made him stand out was his personality , he made friends because of this however he got teased as well. Tatsu did not take insults to heavily and usually just teased back or ignored them , this was just the happy guy he was In his older years he began to find the rules and responsibilities of being a young man too boring , and decided to set off to travel around and perhaps find adventure elsewhere so he ran away only taking a large bag of supplies and food of course. Along the way he also hoped to become one of the strongest benders known, other than the avatar of course. What will happen to Tatsu now? Will he survive the harsh world and the challenges it has to offer? Will he become a powerful bender and perhaps even challenge the avatar to a friendly duel? Or maybe will he stray from his path of good. Only time will tell, shall we see what will happen to our young bender?!

RP Sample:
It was a cool  yet warm morning and the sun was just rising and many of the people in the village below would now just be waking, however the young air bender had been awake for quite sometime. He sat on a large boulder which sat randomly atop a large mountain that over looked the village and the long rolling fields it had settled in. He gave a small smile as he looked out at the glowing orange sun begin to rise, turning to dark gray sky into a bluish hue that was soft and made the grass itself look bluish until the sun began to rise more. He stood up on the rock and stretched his arms and let out a long sigh, however this was not a sigh of boredom but one of pleasure for it had been very peaceful. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a small hand flute known as an ocarina, he put it  up to his lips and began to greet the morning with a soft sweet song he had picked up somewhere along his travels. The notes began to carry throughout the entire area , the wind giving a soft howl as if singing along. Today was going to be a good day.

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Tatsu Jurisako ! DONE! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tatsu Jurisako ! DONE!   Tatsu Jurisako ! DONE! Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 9:28 am

Tatsu Jurisako ! DONE! 4jstj8

Tatsu Jurisako ! DONE! VmAUC0R

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Tatsu Jurisako ! DONE!
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