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 Inori Raine

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PostSubject: Inori Raine   Inori Raine Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 2:45 pm

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The Basics!
Name: Inori Raine
Birthday: 3/8
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Element: Earth

Height: 5'7
Weight: 120lb
Hair Color: Pink
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Tan
Body Type: Thin
About You!
Personality: Inori is a rather, how you say... Brash person. She is really upfront when she starts talking. But hey it's needed in the world, someone has to be a realist. Though for being so sharp in tongue she is rather responsible, having played a rather mature role from early on. Inori likes to help so she tends, to go out of her way to do so. She has a passionate side for a bunch of odd things she enjoys doing, normally having a fire in both her eyes and heart. For negative traits, well remember how she's abrasive? Let's add Eccentric and Flirtatious in the loop and the cupcake is finished. In short, Inori is a honest and passionate woman with a twist of flirty crazy to top it off.

As a bender, she tends to not show off, as she herself is physically strong enough to deal with most of the people that tend to make problems. She normally doesn't use it till it's necessary. She is rather wild when it comes to her bending, normally using it as the hilt instead of the blade, the blade being her own body.

Likes: Inori really enjoys machinery, it was always a side passion of hers. She is somewhat of a tinkerer, just pulling apart and putting it back together. She also enjoys cupcakes, why? Well... Moving on. She dreams of making herself a hero one oday, she doesn't know how but god damn it she'll try. She also enjoys taking care of and playing with children. Last real thing that I'm willing to say is that she enjoys catch phrases... A lot...

Dislikes: Chaos, to put simply she can't stand when things are just crazy. She likes things to be simple so having things be complicated is not fun for her. Also for some reason she doesn't seem to favor pale things, like the tone just looks sickly. Inori does not like spicy foods though, it isn't sweet enough for her.

History: Inori was born to a rather well known courtesan, of course with this came intense pressure on Inori. Inori was trained in the ways of an escort and was always told she would surpass her mother. Her mother had found a way of owning a nice gentleman club, it was named; The Pink Cupcake. Either way Inori was pushed hard in the ways of a lady, but she didn't enjoy it. She didn't like being pampered and sitting all day. Also throw in the fact that she was an earth bender. Though some complications happened that her mother died when she was around 10. How you may ask? She was a courtesan, you connect two and two together to what happened to her. Since her mother died, as a right, she technically inherited the pink cupcake. Though she knew she wasn't up for that lifestyle, so she became partners with someone else so she could not have to worry about it and they owned a rather successful gentleman's club.

Inori took pleasure in the job she took after it all, upkeep and bartending of the Pink Cupcake. She loved it. Even though she was younger than most of the girls that worked there, she seemed like the big sister figure of the building. Eventually as she got older she became a bit of security for the club as well. Inori lived well, had good pay, she didn't need much else. In these years she refined her earthbending to help her out.

Though things got strange one night... It was rather rowdy as the men had played their poker and drank their alcohol... And brought a child into the club. Inori couldn't get a good look at it but she was bothered by it. She would just tend to her bar. Though after awhile Inori heard some screaming, some biker and a fire bender were fighting. Like out right brawling... Inori couldn't have this it was disturbing the girls. She went over there and separated the two, mainly by yelling "GET DUNKED!" and slammed the men into the table they were arguing over. She than threw them out for causing a ruckus And went back to start cleaning. The rest of the night was peaceful enough. As the night concluded she would do her job and go throw some stuff away. And what did she find... Children... She couldn't just leave them there so she took them home(which was the top floor of the Pink Cupcake). She befriended the children and would well... Let them stay, not much else she could do. What type of person would she be if she threw children out into the street, especially since it seem that one of the kids were really broken. So she would just play mommy for now, working and gathering money. Soon she would be able to accomplish a certain something.

*Gentleman Club as in Cabaret Club

RP Sample:

Faceclaim: Vi, League of Legends
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PostSubject: Re: Inori Raine   Inori Raine Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 2:54 pm

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Inori Raine
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