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 Kinala Feathersky

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Kinala Feathersky
Kinala Feathersky

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PostSubject: Kinala Feathersky    Kinala Feathersky  Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 10:40 pm

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The Basics!
Name: Kinala Feathersky
Birthday: September 4
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Element: Fire

Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 97 Lbs.
Hair Color: Gold
Hair Length: Upper Back
Eye Color: Sea Green
Skin Color: Light Brown
Body Type: Thin but Flexible

About You!
Personality: Kinala is a pretty average person, not very standoffish or headstrong but very passionate. her attitude is highly outwardly centered, believing that as long as other people are happy she is happy. Kinala is very passionate about her work, words, and actions. Her common way of thinking is that everything someone says should be truthful, and they should mean it with all their heart. That being said, many might confuse Kinala's overzealous belief and passion with being overly prideful. While Kinala has had her moments of believing herself to be the better person for the job she is in no way prideful. Instead she prefers to see herself as a hard worker who wants to do what she can to help out. If this means booting other people out of the way to take on a job then so be it. This should not be mistaken for an uncaring feel towards others, rather that Kinala does what she does because she feels that it is in the best interest of others. While she may sometimes be wrong, normally her actions do benefit others. Kinala also has a deep set need to protect her friends, often trying to make it so that they won't even need to enter the battle. Her strategies aren't nearly as straightforward as some might want them to be, Kinala often takes alternate paths to reach the common goal. Her wanton desire for new challenges doesn't cloud her mind, Kinala always knows when she needs to listen to others.
Likes: Kinala likes to learn, it's almost become her entire life. She spends hours studying scroll, ruins, and even people to learn all that she can from them. She would gladly give up working on an important task in order to gain valuable information. She enjoys eating as well, but only if the food is good enough. She may not have refined tastes, but she does appreciate the finer things such as art and music. Her passion lies in studying the past ages and times to learn about what the world was like back then. She also enjoys a good story from a book.
Dislikes: Kinala hates terrible food and holds a strong grudge against anyone who makes bad food. She keeps a nice little list of those who do so that she never forgets. She holds a deep set hatred for those who cause destruction, intentionally, to historical artifacts and other objects. She also gets slightly peeved when people mention her by the name of "Tiny" as the name really insults her and she goes ballistic when she hears it.. She also had a tendency to become angry when someone insults her by calling her uncaring or lazy as she knows that she is neither of these things.

History: Kinala was raised to fight, and that was to be the end of it. her family, the Feathersky's, had raised each of the children in the family to fight with unquestioning ruthlessness and a single minded need for bloodshed. The family became renown for their skills and tactics, as well as a reputation for always completing any job they were assigned; no questions asked. The children were conditioned from a young age to kill, torture, kidnap, and mutilate without ever asking why. These were the rules that Kinala grew up under, training with all kinds of teachers and students to become an efficient killing machine. However, this was not the life she wanted. Instead she had done what few members of the Feathersky family had ever done, establish free will. Secretly, unknown to all but her most trusted friend Saito, she studied texts about ancient history and came up with her dream to become an archaeologist and study the world. She managed to keep her secret life well hidden for a number of years, up until she was around twelve years of age when her mother found out. It was forbidden by the family for Kinala to be studying things outside of combat, and the punishment for doing so was severe. Kinala was beaten within an inch of her life and was only saved by the aid of Saito and his friends who managed to rescue her before she was killed. Knowing full well that the Feathersky family would not stop hunting her until she was killed, Kinala came up with the plan that she knew would either work by a miracle or fail and get her and Saito and his gang killed. However, the youths were all in agreement and decided that it would be better to die than be hunted for the rest of their lives. The plan was simple, to destroy the Feathersky family and all of their evil. It would be simple, all that had to be accomplished was to kill the elder and demolish the family's records and destroy their reputation. the latter two could be done simply by completing the first. The mission ended up being a success, only because of Kinala's skill at bending of which the elder was severely lacking in due to his frailty and old age. With the Feathersky out of the picture, Kinala was free to live her life the way she chose to.

Years later, Kinala returned to her homeland and sought out adventure there. She had changed much over the years, having traveled far and wide, learning what she could from the ruins and teacher spread across the land. She had returned wiser for it, and now sought to learn more in the open world to practice all that she might have learned in the Feathersky household without the fear of being turned into a slave of bloodlust. It was here that she chose to become a staunch protector of her friends and allies, just as Saito and the rest of her friends had protected her.

RP Sample:

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Kinala Feathersky
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