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PostSubject: Tatsu's stuff   Tatsu's stuff Icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 1:07 am

Name: Glider Staff
Description: It is a square-shafted gun, or staff, made out of a dark, flexible wood. Airbenders use the staff in conjunction with many of their airbending techniques, and it can be unfolded into a fan-like glider that airbenders can use to fly. the staffs were hand-crafted by monks and are very delicate.

Name: Aibo
Type: Combat
Rank: Novice
Element: Air
Species: Sky Bison
Description:  many flying bison lived on the air temples. They were highly respected by the Air Nomads, who regarded them as the first airbenders. While airbenders were in training, they each received a flying bison to become their lifelong companion. The sky bison was believed to be the only way in which people could reach an air temple, however due to advances in technology there are other ways to reach the temples.
Special Characteristics:
Air Bending
One of the four elemental bending arts, is the aerokinetic ability to control and manipulate currents of air. The peaceful Air Nomads utilized this type of bending in their everyday lives.
Air is the element of freedom.[1] The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly problems and concerns; finding peace and freedom was the key to solving their difficulties in life. Airbenders continually sought spiritual enlightenment, and, as a result, all children born into the Air Nomads were benders. The first airbenders learned their art from the flying bison.[2]
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Tatsu's stuff
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