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 The Beatdown(Tatsu)

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PostSubject: The Beatdown(Tatsu)   Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:44 am

"YYYAAAWWWNNN"  he bellowed as he sat atop a building. The young boy sat up rubbing his eyes, and looked around then up at the great blue sky. He smiled and stood up, picking up his glider staff as well. He tapped the bottom of it against the ground and the wings flashed out, he began to run as fast as he could towards the ledge and jumped , using a bit of air bending to propel himself farther, then hung on to his glider to soar through the air.  Water benders had the ocean, Air benders had the sky.

As he was up above he looked down at the great city, there were people in the market walking around, curious buyers scanning the wares of the honest vendors. It had be quiet, well as quiet as it could be in a shopping district, the loudest sound coming from the air flying and souring pushing the clouds over the city. As Tatsu continued to gaze he noticed two rather large men begin to talk rather rudely to and elderly man, "What the.." he thought. This was a strange sight and it began to peak his curiosity so he began to land on a nearby roof for a closer look, luckily going unnoticed. He peeked over the edge and looked to see the two brutes. "The boss wants his money old man.." he said punching a fist into an open palm. "I paid you the money..your asking for even more now!" implored the elderly man, obviously frightened. The other man began to approach "Yeah well things change, we know you got the cash!".  Tatsu gritted his teeth, then a smile began to crack through his face. He leaned over and did a small front flip landing in front of the old man and in the way of the other two. "You two look like you could barely count, why dont you let this man go before it gets...violent."

In most cases Tatsu would welcome a battle but in this situation he would rather see this man be safe and give these two the benefit of the doubt, either way he would make sure things were right. The two men laughed "What a boy and a puny stick gonna stop us? As if !" He said as he reared his arm back and send a barreling fist bombing towards Tatsu's face. Tatsu couldnt help but laugh as he ducked underneath his arm and rolled around his so they were back to back. "Man you are really slow, or are you just tired?" he teased. The old man did not know what to think but began to run away but not to far, hiding in a spot where he could remain hidden but still watch the scene. The other man looked astonished "Hey kid you aint gonna make a fool out of us" he said as he brought his foot up to kick the boy. Tatsu leaped high in the air and out of the way , however the mans foot continued and kicked his partner right in the butt. "Im sure you dont need my help to make yourselves look like fools" he said with a laugh.

The man wo got kicked began to stumble forward a bit, Tatsu took this opportunity to swing his staff in a sweeping motion across the floor sending out a quick push of air which made the fellow fall forward on to his face. The other man looked at Tatsu "A BENDER!" he shouted surprised. The other man got up and wiped his face. "Forget the money we need to get out of here!" he exclaimed, they both began to dart away as quickly as they could. "Dont come back any time soon"  tatsu said as he leaned on his staff. When the two men were gone the elderly man came out and tapped the boy on the shoulder. "AH!" he said surprised as he turned around and pointed the staff at the man. The old man jumped back startled and put his hands up. "Ok take the money!" he cried.  Tatsu blinked and lowered the staff "I dont want your money..you just scared me " he said. he put his hand on the mans shoulder "Hey if those two ever come back you let me know okay, try not to mix yourself with those dudes! Until then old man!" he said with a laugh as he began to run and take off on his glider again without waiting for a thank you from the old man.

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The Beatdown(Tatsu)
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