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 Minato Mochizuki

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Minato Mochizuki
Minato Mochizuki

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PostSubject: Minato Mochizuki    Minato Mochizuki  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 1:49 am

Minato Mochizuki  ShVfEND

The Basics!
Name: Minato Mochizuki
Birthday: 5/19
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Element: None

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Bright Green
Hair Length: Short, Mop cut.
Eye Color: Serpentine Yellow
Skin Color: Pale Tan
Body Type: Lithe and Thin.

About You!
Personality: Insanity incarnate. No words could describe Minato more effectively. Twisted beyond measure, he takes delight in the suffering of others, whether it be mental or physical, and has no qualms about killing people just for a small rush. He enjoys twisting others to his views, and sending them out to do his work for him, only to betray them in the end, and leave them for dead.

Minato puts up a calm, cool facade when in the presence of others, as not to reveal his true nature. He can be polite, and nearly friendly, to those whom he interacts with. He takes some from of pleasure from insulting people using his expansive vocabulary, and silently hopes that he’ll lure them to a secluded spot, for his own twisted version of fun.

Likes: Minato has a like of eggs, he enjoys eating them when given the opportunity. He also has a fondness for soft music, preferring it over almost anything. Minato enjoys training, spending almost the entire day doing it if he has nothing else planned for that day. He has a peculiar fondness of his hair, viewing it as being his unique feature, along with his eyes.

Dislikes: Minato has a dislike of animals in general, due to an allergic reaction triggered around some of them. He has no love of loud noises, and prefers silence by himself is someone is causing the noises. He doesn't like company all that much either, enjoying his alone time as much as possible.

History: Minato had a rough start as a childhood. As long as he can remember, it was just him and his mom, who was suffering from an incurable disease, according to the healers anyway. She was being kept alive on medicine, but with no money to pay for it, Minato had to steal it when he could. He had done it so much, it almost became a second nature to him, but his last one, was one he wouldn't forget. He had managed to grab it while the man’s back was turned, but Minato had been spotted as he tried to sneak away. He quickly ran, trying to outrun the merchant. He spent nearly two hours trying to outrun him. Finally losing him, He returned to his mother, but discovered something that would start him down his path, she was dead. Minato broke down, spending nearly a week in mourning. He was quick, to bury his mother as best he could, and decided to leave his village. As he walked away, he started crossing a bridge over the nearby river, he spotted the merchant who had chased him. A manic look glazed over his eyes, as he slowly approached him and pushed him into the river. He watched as the man was swept downstream easily by the current, having died from the fall. This… was Minato’s first kill.

After leaving his home, He was 13 when he first met his teacher. He was trying to get some food to eat for the night, when the stall owner he was stealing from, turned on him and quickly sent him sprawling to the ground, unable to move. He was taken to his house and he was confronted about his stealing. After mentioning his past, and leaving out the part with the merchant’s death, he was taken as a student.  An incident would cause his teacher, the one person he was growing close to, to abandon him. It was the final piece to shatter Minato’s psyche. That night, he set his teacher’s house on fire, not caring if he survived or not, and fled from his ‘home’. He traveled the wilderness, honing, and refining his abilities, and is now staying outside of Shukuyuu city.

RP Sample: Minato walked through the village, headed for his teacher’s house. He was wearing his standard training clothing, consisting of a white cloth shirt, black cloth pants with a white belt, and flexible sandals. He could feel the villagers looking at him, being the only student to his teacher made him noticed in the village, some of the attention being rather negative. As he continued, he could hear someone following him, not that it made a difference. Just as he was about to ignore the person and continue onwards, he heard something that would’ve best been unsaid.

“What ridiculous hair! Did your mother even bother raising you with hair like that?” There were two unspoken rules about Minato. One was that you don’t make fun of his hair, something he considered unique about him. The second one was that you don’t insult his mother, who he had to bury himself. Quickly turning foot and rushing back, he struck the man in the neck, closing off his windpipe. A few people quickly rushed to the man’s aid as Minato walked away, uncaring of his condition.

Minato’s gaze was downtrodden as his teacher was berating him for attacking the man. He tried to defend his actions, but his teacher would have none of it.

“I don’t believe you! This is how you use my teachings?! To attack the innocent?!” His voice was frantic, he had been arguing with soldiers not moments ago that he would handle my punishment. That got the them to leave rather quickly but he soon turned on him.

“I was only-” His teacher held up a hand, cutting me off before I could tell him what happened.  

“I don’t want to hear the blatant lies you will tell me. Leave. You are unworthy of my teachings.” Minato scanned his face with desperate eyes, hoping to find them clouded with rage or despair,  but found nothing. His teacher was being serious. Minato quickly left, not wanting to stay there any longer. Had he looked back, he would’ve seen his teacher shed a lone tear.

Minato quickly stopped in the nearby forest, his eyes slowly gaining an insane gleam. His thoughts were racing, but he kept his actions under control.

‘He’s just like father….. He abandoned me as well! I’ll show him… I’ll show everyone!’ Slowly, a maniacal laughter filled the forest, but as quickly as it came, it died down. Minato’s eyes were fully open from their slit state, and his face was twisted in a manic grin. He raced back to the village, stopping outside of his teacher’s house. He quickly set up what he wanted to do, and stopped. He looked around, and noticed everyone was asleep. Perfect for a getaway. He picked up a lit torch, and after a moment of hesitation, lit his teacher’s house on fire. Rushing off into the night, he swore… He would find his father, and have his revenge.

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PostSubject: Re: Minato Mochizuki    Minato Mochizuki  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 8:27 am

<_< You remind me of someone. Highly. Anyway.

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Minato Mochizuki
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