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 Umi's Gear

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Umi Hakumei
Umi Hakumei

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Umi's Gear Empty
PostSubject: Umi's Gear   Umi's Gear Icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 1:58 am

Umi's Equipment

Name: Water skin
Description: A basic water canister. Holds three gallons of water. Umi's is a frost-blue color. White-silver with a blue tint.

Name: Harness, Saddle, and Saddlebags
Description: Along with her Shirshu, Umi has the equipment nessisary. Her saddle is used for riding, and came with the shirshu when she purchased it. It is white with light blue accents. For the shape, see the image below. Attached to it are saddlebags, of a icy white-blue color.

Saddle Shape:

Umi's Pets:


Umi Hakumi : Umi's supplies/pets : Jobs Completed/Approved: 20/20

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Umi's Gear
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