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PostSubject: Orran   Fri Oct 11, 2013 7:10 pm

The Basics!
Name: Orran
Birthday: February 20th
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Element: Earth

Height: 5'1
Weight: 98lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Medium short
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pale
Body Type: Thin

About You!
Personality: Orran has always been the quieter of the twins; prefering to speak only when needed, or when his words would have the most effect. This has led many to believe he is a cold child, and for much of his early life he was without friends; usually ignored or relegated to being the last pick for teams. It's not until you get to know him a little bit that you find that he is actually quiet a warm person, just mistrustful of anyone he does not know. This is both a part of his natural personality, and a reflection of the events of his life; the capture of him and his sister caused some emotional scarring, enhancing his natural distrust for strangers; but not to the point that he can no longer trust at all.
Likes: Orran is the type to enjoy nearly everything, even if he doesn't show it. His life all but revolves around his sister, and his innate protective instincts towards her. His bending ability is stronger, so he'd always felt that he must be the one to keep her safe. Even with Kei around to help, he still focuses hard on getting better to keep them all safe. He's a rather avid fan of spicy foods, prefering everything he eats to be well spiced and spicy hot over anything else save for maybe sweet; which is the only preference for food he shares with his sister.
Dislikes: People in general, or rather, people he does not know. He hates dealing with anyone that he hasn't been formally introduced too; especially when his sister isn't around to act as a buffer. This is especially true for Firebenders in general; his experiences in life have left him with an intense dislike of the entire people; even if he loves their food. His only real exception to his firebender issues is Houjin; whom he counts as one of his closest friends and almost a father figure of sorts.

History: Orran was born the younger of a set of twins, his sister Alexei beating him into the world by a full 3 minutes. They were healthy enough for twins, both on the larger side and without problems. Orran was a quiet child, rarely crying or making excessive amounts of noise; prefering to explore with his mouth full of everything he could shove in it in that way that all children do at those ages. He prefered to spend his time alone or playing with his sister versus the other children his parents would introduce them too. By the time he was old enough to really start showing any sort of seperate personality, he was already starting to show off his abilities as a bender; able to cause earth to twitch and shift the way many benders his age would. It was on his 4th birthday that one of his uncles gave him and his sister a matching set of bangles; made of a special silver iron that could only be found in ore form deep in the caverns that surround the main Earth Temple near the capital city. It wasn't even an hour later that they found little Orran playing and contorting the metal with ease; showing a natural ability with metalbending not seen within his bloodline before. By the time it was already known that his sister was a waterbender, much as their maternal grandmother had been; so the surprise of his innate metalbending ability was that much greater. It had long been clan and temple lore that only 'pure' earthbenders could be born with any metalbending ability; but Orran seemed to prove this different.

Life before the school was perfectly normal for the twins; they played with cousins and agemates, worked with bending tutors, even started early school programs. They would have just been starting their first official year of school when they were kidnapped, along with half the other children of their temple. Some, like Orran and Alexei, were so young that they didn't even know their full names; knowing only childhood pet-names or the affectionate pet names their parents called them. Neither twin knew their surname, but it never really mattered to them; they could remember their parent's faces, and that was all they thought they would need to find them again one day. Life in the lower-levels of the school wasn't really that different from anything they had experienced before; almost the same academic things they'd had before; but now with the twist of being taught that everything the school did was perfect and right; classic indoctrination of children. From the moment he entered the school, he began to hide his special ability; focusing only on showing his less powerful, but still fairly well developed for his age, earthbending. In private, what little they had, he would work on his metalbending by playing with his bangle in secret. He would play tricks on teachers and students by loosening the bolts holding tables and chairs together; lock doors without anyone knowing; explode the metal cased pens and messing with the metal-filled inks they used. It was the only bits of fun they ever had in the school.

He was 8 when he first met Kei and Houjin; assigned to them for their first battle training class. It took the elders less then an hour to realize that he was still clear minded, as was his sister. This led them to become instant class stars; Houjin and Kei constantly bragging to the teacher how great they were to get them moved into the advanced classes as fast as possible so they could work with them closely; keep an eye on them to keep them safe. Orran outright showed them his metalbending abilities; desperate to help with the efforts to break out of the place. He knew he was young, but in a place made almost entirely of metal that no other earthbender could use, he knew his budding skills would be invaluable. They spent nearly two more years training and wworking to make sure they could finish their plan to break out of the school and make sure that the place was unusable after they were done. Orran was the one to destroy the main gates; solid masses of iron and steel so thick they were thought indestructable. He was able to force them open with a lot of help from Kei's far greater physical strength; then ground them forever by destroying the mechignisms that opened and closed the gates. Orran and Alexei were outside the school herding the confused, half brainwashed younger students from the school while the elder's fought and killed; saving them from the worst of the horrors that took place.

After the escape; he traveled with the elder's until the day they split apart, staying with Kei while he worked to find their family and take them home. Upon reaching one of the major temples, they discovered that much of their family, or at least, the family that was made up of the non-blood relatives that lived in their home temple; had fled and scattered as much as they could to protect what they could. They were lucky enough to find a few blood cousins at the large temple; and decided to stay there; knowing that Orran at least needed the level of training provided by the highly skilled masters.

RP Sample: "Sister..." The boy was sitting on his hard bed, left arm across his bent legs and right hand opening and closing in a rhythmic fashion; focusing his power to contort and effect the metal band around his wrist. He was working on his fine control, about the only thing he could do with such a small amount of metal. "How long do you think we will be stuck here?" They'd only been in the school a few weeks; so new they could still smell the burning earth and wood of their home temple being destroyed. Terrible, horrible dreams; not so different from the nightmares of the other children in their dorm.

"I do not know, brother."

"Do you think they will come for us..."

"I hope so... I really do."

"As do I...."

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