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 Wei Shen

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PostSubject: Wei Shen   Wei Shen Icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 8:01 pm

Wei Shen WYZLinU

The Basics!

   Name: Wei Shen
   Birthday: October 8th
   Age: 15
   Gender: Male
   Element: Fire

   Height: 5' 8"
   Weight: 161 lb
   Hair Color: Dark Brown
   Hair Length: Medium Long
   Eye Color: Amber
   Skin Color: White
   Body Type: Athletic

About You!

   Personality: Holding a very easy going outlook on life, Wei is probably best described as a minor hedonist. He goes where he pleases, does what he pleases, tries to please others in the process. The life of a wanderer suits him. He dislikes the constraints of living in one place and following a daily routine. Whether or not this is simply adolescent wanderlust is to be seen. He's a charismatic boy, finding himself to thrive during social situations and happily engaging others in conversation, especially those of the female persuasion. His religious commitment to the opposite sex is perhaps one of the few goals he has. The boy has his faults, though. He's compulsive, unwilling to wait to achieve what he wants. Long, drawn out events are a pain for him. He's also bit of a 'hot shot', not uncommon among fire benders. He enjoys playing it off as a healthy amount of confidence. Confidence which is likely to irritate those who dislike show offs. Why bother doing something if you're not gonna do it flashily?

   Likes: Wei is a very simple man with very simple needs. His passion in life is one that is shared by many, but followed fully by very few; women. He very much enjoys the female gender and their variety of lovely features. He also has a great love for heat, spending more time than he likes to admit sleeping under the glowing sunlight. Aside from these interests, he also has a keen interest in animals, having raised his messenger hawk all by himself and trained it extensively.

   Dislikes: Wei dislikes stick in the muds. He's a very lax person, and someone keeping him on point constantly is not something he enjoys very much. He's also a firm believer that temperatures below sixty five degrees should not exist, holding a heavy dislike for the cold as is usual for his kind.


Wei Shen came into this world on a cold (by Fire Nation standards) fall night. His parents were ecstatic to finally bring a child into this world after years of trying. His father, having run a successful mercantile business in their city, was able to give his son an arguably spoiled child hood by middle class standards. He was able to enjoy nice clothes, good food and when he grew to be old enough to enter it, a successful schooling career at a co-ed private school. Wei was always a rather charismatic individual, able to easily make friends in his environment. Transitioning from his childhood to his early adolescence brought about two wonderful factors to Wei's life; the discovery of his ability to bend fire, something not exceptionally uncommon where he lived and the interest in the opposite gender. Deciding between which one of these to fully pursue was easy for Wei; shooting fire was cool and all, but girls were pretty.

Indeed, while the other boys his age trained their bending skills Wei took it upon himself to become a Casanova. Bring the ladies of the world joy in the form of a charming, handsome (in his words) love machine. His success was to be seen. Towards the end of his education, the young fire bender was struck with a heavy wanderlust. How could he keep himself constrained to one single town?! There were women all over the world to be wooed, adventures to be had, fire bending to finally learn! Constraining himself to the Fire nation would be a crime to himself and the world! He convinced his father to allow him to go with a trade ship to the Earth kingdom for a short vacation. Of course, he didn't end up coming home. Wei managed to sneak away from the captain of the vessel the second he could. Now he explores the nation with his trusty companion Harvey, prepared to spread his name across the Earth kingdom and beyond!

   RP Sample:

The time was nearly upon him! He couldn't wait. The ship would be nearing the port soon, and Wei could finally enact his master plan to begin his adventure through the Earth Kingdom. No corner would be safe! No woman left without a proper wooing! Glory would be his. He still needed to sneak out of the vessel. It wouldn't be that hard. The crew wasn't very large and the captain, despite being instructed to keep a close eye on him, wouldn't pose much of a threat at all. He found himself pacing back and forth in the corridor which led up to the deck of the vessel. He could hear the men up there, preparing the cargo to be unloaded when they arrived. It was so close, he could taste it! The few minutes it took for them to actually approach the port once it was in sight might well have been hours for Wei. He wasn't the most patient person, that was for sure.

When he finally felt the ship arrive he was poised to strike! He had already packed up his few things. A pair of Dao Swords snatched off one of the crew, some clothes and a small amount of food for himself and his companion whom was perched upon his shoulder. He couldn't go anywhere without Harvey, the trusty bird had been with him for a long time. The hawk cawed and fluffed his feathers in preparation, likely catching on to his master's plan. Birds were smart like that. It was a wonder nobody bothered coming back down below deck... although, they probably wouldn't question him just standing there? Why would they? They had no idea of his masterful escape plan! He waited long and hard, waiting for the precise moment to strike. Suddenly... no more noise. Now was his time! Picking up his bag the fire bender made a break for the door. A gust of sea air rushed in as he opened it and like lightning he dashed out. His legs carried him across the deck, down the ramp and finally freedom was his!

Having little time to relish in his daring escape, Wei made his way across the dock as quickly as he could, lest he be apprehended by the dastardly crew who may still lurk! He was free now! Free at last...

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PostSubject: Re: Wei Shen   Wei Shen Icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 8:17 pm

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