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 Kurama, Hiromasa

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PostSubject: Kurama, Hiromasa   Kurama, Hiromasa Icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 8:28 pm

Kurama, Hiromasa NewHiro_zpsf270eafc

The Basics!
Name: Hiromasa Kurama
Birthday: November 13th
Element: Water(Northern)

Weight: 180lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye Color:Violet
Skin Color: White
Body Type: Average

About You!
Personality: Likely the most accurate word to describe Hiromasa is lazy. Despite his age his skills have developed very little since he began sporadic training over a decade ago, picking up new skill only as they serve some common convenience or passing amusement like freezing someone's drink as they go to take a sip or forming small people and animals out of water and having them dance to pass the time or earn a few coins. Not above using his small skill to make money, Hiromasa is more focused on material wealth than many other benders to the point of often being characterized as greedy. As demonstrated by his waterbending skills, Hiromasa is highly capricious, gaining and losing obsessive desires for skills and things with little or no logic discernible to the outsider looking at his actions and only occasionally seeing anything through to the end, often over numerous periods of brief obsession. Despite these numerous negative qualities however, Hiro cannot seriously be called a bad person for the most part, avoiding targeting his schemes at those who cannot endure the financial blows he intends to deal out and occasionally sharing his ill-gotten loot with those who arouse his pity, rarely displaying any malice so much as indifference to the shadiness of his actions, readily admitting his nature while pointing out that significantly greater damage other benders have done throughout the world.

Likes: Hiromasa's likes and desires often vary by the minute, changing one way or the other based on impulses he shows little desire to restrain. Some things remain constant, however, like his love of large, still bodies of water, frozen or otherwise. Staring into them grants him a feeling of peace, calm and stability that he has found no alternative to. He is also a huge fan of animals, looking down on the idea of having on fight with him in combat and those that use pets in such a way, viewing the death of an animal as infinitely more heartbreaking than the death of a human.

Dislikes: As with most other things about him, his dislikes change frequently, often going from highly disliked to passionately obsessed over and back. Some things, as usual, are constant though. Despite his penchant for scamming and deception of others for his gain, Hiromasa will only in dire circumstances kill someone, imagining that should he ever enter a position where he has an opponent defeated he will simply incapacitate them before leaving them alive.

History: Hiromasa remembers very little of his earliest years, his first memories were of living in an orphanage alongside numerous others. Discovering his waterbending talents early on, he used them to his advantage whenever he could do so discreetly, subtly filling his bowl with a little extra soup as it was ladled out and cooling himself off by nearly freezing his sweat on hot days. Occasionally a fellow orphan would display some skill in one bending or another and not too long after, strange people would come and take them away, instilling Hiromasa with bitterness and fear at an early age as his friends were taken away whether they wanted to leave or not and treated derisively by the other children in the interim between their abilities being discovered and them being taken away.

Learning from almost the beginning that few good things last and that the world at large is beyond his ability to control, Hiro coped with the hardships of life by growing to not care about anything too much, withdrawing from the few friendships he had and showing little emotion in difficult times, simply shrugging when there wasn't enough food to go around or casually waving goodbye when someone he care about left the orphanage for whatever reason, generally adoption or discovery of bending prowess. As eventually everyone else began to leave him alone and deem him a lost cause he took to reading, ravenously devouring written knowledge on various subjects as they caught his fleeting interest. What struck him the most were histories on war, however. The endless cycle of brutality and massacre in the name of various ephemeral figures and causes, eventually stopped by some great hero figure, often an Avatar.

Hiromasa was not impressed, however, by the heroes of the world, seeing them all as failures who couldn't stop the great evils of the world before they inflicted tremendous pain on the world. Disillusioned with the world before he even had the chance to experience much of it, he deflected the few couples who took an interest him, pointing out that their interest was based on wanting him to represent them doing a good deed vice any actual desire for him personally and generally reacting venomously, for while the orphanage was an austere and hungry life, he'd grown to prefer the idea of staying there to the seemingly endless misery of the outside world.

His self-inflicted exile was not to last, however as, on a rare occasion where the orphanage had some extra money, they were taken to a tavern for a quality meal. Unsure of anything other than soup as that was all he'd ever had, he ordered just that, one of the most delicious things he'd ever tasted. As soon as he set it down after the first taste, however, a swift figure darted past him, stealing away the rare luxury. Enraged at the muscular, armored figure inexplicably tormenting him, Hiromasa lost his mask of calm and froze the soup, which fell from the bowl.

Two days later he was at the Northern Water Temple being instructed by an elder bender who acted as if he was there of his own volition, and after a few days of resisting, Hiromasa found himself under the influence of an impulse to learn the skill, an irresistible urge to master waterbending. After rapidly developing basic mastery, however, he lost interest and quit putting forth any effort whatsoever into his training. After much effort on the part of his instructor to motivate him, he was released from training with the offer to return whenever he was willing to get serious, beginning a life of petty crime and ever-shifting priorities.

RP Sample: With a grin, Hiromasa pointed at the small sphere of ice on the table. "This is a simple game for simple folks, ladies and gents. You watch as I cover this ice and then follow the cup it's under. Find the right one I double your money, pick the wrong one and I'm eating like a king tonight!" Covering it with one of the 5 cups he'd had stacked next to him, he began rapidly spinning the cups, a skill he'd improved greatly over the last few weeks. After a few seconds he stopped, placing his hands on the table as his current "competitor" placed a large pile of coins on the table, dooming himself to failure as he pointed at one of the cups. Hiromasa smiled. Wrong, and he didn't even have to cheat this time. Lifting the cup and revealing an empty space, he set the cup aside. "Care to double or nothing, sir? Double your bet, get another guess, whaddaya say?" Without a word, the man placed another pouch of coins next to the first, pointing, this time correctly at the cup with the ice under it. Smiling again, Hiromasa placed his hand on top of the cup. "Care to give us a drumroll, folks?" He asked, using the time bought to melt the ice, pulling the water to the top of the cup, out of view. As he lifted the cup, the betting man's face turned red. "I could've sworn it was one of those two...YOU BETTER NOT HAVE SNUCK THE ICE AWAY YOU CHARLATAN! SHOW IT TO ME!" The waterbender's teeth shone brilliantly as he grinned widely as he put his hand on a third cup. This is where his genius would shine. Each cup had a small amount of ice frozen at the bottom, now the top. Melting the ice under this particular cup, he formed the water into a sphere and froze it as he gestured dramatically, lifting the cup to reveal an identical piece of ice to the one he'd shown earlier. The man calmed down, looking mildly perplexed as Hiromasa gripped the bags of coins, tucking them safely away.

Faceclaim: Toshizo Hijikata, Hakuoki Shinsengumi

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PostSubject: Re: Kurama, Hiromasa   Kurama, Hiromasa Icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 12:29 am

Completion bamp, ty good sir or madam who gets this.
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PostSubject: Re: Kurama, Hiromasa   Kurama, Hiromasa Icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 10:01 am

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PostSubject: Re: Kurama, Hiromasa   Kurama, Hiromasa Icon_minitime

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Kurama, Hiromasa
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