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 You wanna take my jerbs?

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PostSubject: You wanna take my jerbs?   Sat Oct 12, 2013 2:23 pm

If any of these make it, I want to save up to 20 so please don't burn my points yet.

Name: Carnival: Facepainting
Location: Market, City Center
Description: A wandering carnival has entered town and is a little shorthanded, looking to hire a few good folks. In this case they need someone to paint some faces however the customers request. First, however, to ensure you don't give them a bad name you will need to demonstrate some minor painting skill on one of the carnival members. Paint some faces, make some money and have fun all at the same time.

Name: Carnival: Trashbending
Location: Market, City Center
Description: Anyone whose ever been to a carnival knows how filthy they can be. You've been hired to try and fix that image, tasked with keeping the area clean during the festivities. Picking up cups, scraps and other things simply dropped on the ground by patrons too lazy to walk the couple meters to the nearest trash can.Here's a broom, a dustpan and a rag. Good luck!

Name: Carnival: Glittering Prizes
Location: Market, City Center
Description: What's a carnival without prizes? Well, this one's getting close to find out and they need someone to acquire some new cheap stuff to make the masses slobber over and spend all their money trying to win instead of just buying it outright somewhere else. Make some prizes, buy them somewhere else, steal some back from prior winners, it doesn't matter, just get some shinies and get them fast!

Name: Carnival: Close, but no cigar
Location: Market, City Center
Description: While most of the fun of a carnival is in winning the stupid prizes up for grabs, most of the money is in people not winning. Your job as a morally flexible person is to use whatever means you have available to staff one of the carnival games and ensure that most people come away with less coin than they started and no prizes, allowing a winner occasionally when interest seems to lag.

Name: Carnival: The Shill
Location: Market, City Center
Description: While many of the carnival games are cheaply played for cheap prizes, a few cater to more expensive tastes, with fancier prizes and a matching ticket price. You've been hired to "win" a game that is otherwise all but impossible, walking away with a small gold statue that you are to discreetly return after drumming up a ton of business for that one game. Should you try to take the statue and walk away with it, you will not only not get paid but discover that the statue is a cleverly shined but otherwise worthless piece of junk.

Name: Carnival: Get dunked!
Location: Market, City Center
Description: The ever popular and oh-so exciting game where people pay a small fee to throw balls at a target that, if struck, drops someone in a chair into a tank of water. In this case, that person getting dunked is you. Drum up business however you can, use your attractiveness to make people want to see you wet, heckle passersby until they desire to take out their rage on you the only way they can, or otherwise use your creativity to convince people to fork over cash for the chance to see you get dropped.

Name: Tavern Wench
Location: Market, City Center
Description: Every city has its taverns, every city has people in need of coin and every tavern needs people to serve the customers. Your job is to take orders, keep drinks full, clean up messes and leave any necessary roughness to the bouncers. Regardless of gender you are likely to be sexually harassed as well. Again, leave it to the bouncers and keep the booze flowing.
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PostSubject: Re: You wanna take my jerbs?   Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:31 am

Approved and moved.

Lil' Bai

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You wanna take my jerbs?
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