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 Leaves, leaves, leaves!

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PostSubject: Leaves, leaves, leaves!    Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:21 pm

Zansho looked up and couldn't help but laugh; a leaf floated down and landed on her nose at just the moment she was looking up. They were everywhere; not a surprise though since it was fall. She then looked to the poster on the pole that was sticking up out of the ground: it had a picture of a leaf with some help wanted signs - the signs were asking for help raking leaves around the neighborhood for a modest price.

Zansho memorized the address for a moment and then skipped off down the street, looking at the numbers on the houses as she went. Eventually she came across the house whose address had been listed - 222 - and went up to the door. She lifted her hand and knocked softly. After a moment or two she could hear movement in sound; shuffled footsteps that were coming towards the door. The door opened afterwards and an older gentleman appeared. "Can I help you, miss?"

"Yes, please. I was wondering if you have found anyone to do the yard work you needed completed?", Zansho asked him. The elderly gentleman shook his head no and stepped outside, pulling the front of his sweater closed and hunching his shoulders against the chill. 

"No, miss. I have no. If you're interested I have a rake over by the shed with some garbage bags. All I need down is the yard cleared of leaves if you wouldn't mind?"

"Not at all. You can wait inside if you want? I can get the work done and then come knock again when I'm finished?"

"Alright, be careful now.", the elderly gentleman responded before he turned and went back inside.

Zansho nodded and headed over to the shed and grabbed the rake, leaving the bags for later when she had the pile together. She started on the east side of the yard, raking the leaves in a continuous but repetitive motion towards the center of the yard. When the east side was clear she moved down to the south side and repeated the process, the pile growing larger and larger as she went. From the south she moved to the west; once more doing the same repetitive task over and over again which only resulted in the pile growing larger and larger. Finally the north; and the pile was complete. She went over and grabbed the garbage bags, filling one after the other with the damn leaves; ignoring all of the dirt that got on her hand. 

Once she was done she tied all of the bags shut and dusted her hands off. She then stepped up to the front door and knocked. She listened to the shuffling of footsteps again, and just as before the elderly gentleman opened the door. "All done? Here you go dear. My yard looks great, thank you. I was watching through the curtains, you did quite a good job." He then handed her a pouch containing the money she had earned which Zansho took before taking off.

Word Count: 506
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Leaves, leaves, leaves!
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