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 {WIP} Duo Lon {WIP}

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Duo Lon
Duo Lon

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{WIP} Duo Lon {WIP} Empty
PostSubject: {WIP} Duo Lon {WIP}   {WIP} Duo Lon {WIP} Icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 11:52 pm

{WIP} Duo Lon {WIP} Furp

The Basics!

Name: Duo Lon
Birthday: November, 20th
Age: Twenty-six years of age.
Gender: Male.
Element: Fire.


Height: Six feet tall.
Weight: One hundred and forty three pounds.
Hair Color: Red.
Hair Length: Short.
Eye Color: Red.
Skin Color: Light skin.
Body Type: Athletic.

About You!


    A lot can be said about this fellow lad. One would quickly judge him as "bad influence" from just a look. Only nothing but troubles would he bring around anyone is what they would see. When these labels are looked beyond the sight, Mr. Lon is actually what they expected only difference: he is a direct-to-the-point character. This man doesn't care much about the people he surrounds himself around in fact he isn't one who considers working with others, but instead uses others to achieve his goals.

    Duo Lon prides himself in his family's name, and hopes to restore the family Lon name in high honor someday. Because of this dream he will under no circumstances allow humiliation or anything of sorts that will demolish his future and his own "greater good" someday. This also means if one starts talking ill of his family's legacy in bad taste then get ready for a fight. Mr. Lon can be violent at times like this. Though don't let it cloud his imagery entirely yet, as most of the time he minds his own business and appears laid back all the time. His manner of speaking ranges from a serious tone and a calm one with anyone depending on his mood of the day despite giving a calm demeanor.
    From acting cool-headed, to being rude at times, and even labeled as "troublesome"; Mr. Lon is an eccentric human who bites off more than he can chew from life. Ironically, despite having this personality, Mr. Lon hates violence, though it would be that he sees it as a "necessary evil".


Dislikes: Describe your character's likes in 50+ words.

History: Describe your character's history, must be at least 300 words long.

RP Sample:

Faceclaim: Suoh Mikoto : K Project
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{WIP} Duo Lon {WIP}
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