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 Mailman Tatsu!

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PostSubject: Mailman Tatsu!   Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:12 am

The young air bender stood there with a white robe and long black but loose fitting pants (Loose in the leg length that is).  He also had black slippers and his glider staff tied to his back, Tatsu looked at the man and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah im sure i could deliver some letters" he said. In all honesty it was not at all out of his way , he had planned to do nothing today, not even train so helping out the community a bit would not have hurt much, it was only a few letters. The man before him wore a badge and a blue hat "Thats the spirit boy!" the man said as he reached down into a drawer in his desk and pulled out ten letters and handed them out to Tatsu. "Now remember reading other peoples mail is against the law" he said in a much more serious tone, in fact very serious, his eyes shot right through Tatsu's like daggers. Then in an instant it was gone "Alright come back when you are done and you can collect your reward" he said in a much more cheery voice "Oh and here is your official postal sash!" the man said handing him a blue sash. Tatsu, very confused by the sudden mood swings just nodded and placed the sash around his shoulder and tightened it across his chest and went off to deliver the letters.

As he ran outside he jumped into the air and went off on his glider , As he was n the air he looked at the letters checking the addresses to see where they needed to be sent, luckily he knew most if not all of them. Soaring over his neighborhood he headed to his first set of houses, landing safely and slowly upon the ground in front of the first house. "here we are" he said as he walked up to the door and knelt down slipping some letters through a metal slot.

Throughout the day Tatsu would continue delivering letters to his neighbors and by the time it was noon he was only down to about three left. "I gotta hand it to the mailman, this is more work than i thought it would be" he said as he put his hand over his face to block the sun. The entire job had been going perfectly without a single hitch, however the winds began to pick up, and it just so happen that as Tatsu stretched his arms the winds would come and forcefully blow the remaining three letters out of his hand. He couldn't believe his eyes! He watched the three letters flutter in the air and be carried off into the sky. Tatsu however would not give up so easily! He took a step back and began running taking off on his glider.

He could see them in the distance, Tatsu had chased the letters to the park, however they were headed straight for a small pond! "Oh no no no no no!" he thought quickly as he waved his arm, using his air bending to send a sudden rush of wind beneath the letters to send them up again. "phew" he sighed, as he saw the letters get higher once more. Thats when it hit him..why didnt he think of this before? He could have just air bended the rest of the letters! From this point he would keep flying behind the letters playing a game of "keep them up " as he guided them back to the residential districts. When all was said and done he would return to the man at the post office and turn his sash, hopefully without any crazy mood swings.

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Mailman Tatsu!
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