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 Find that cat! (Tatsu)

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PostSubject: Find that cat! (Tatsu)   Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:26 am

"Ohhhh my poor Mr.Whiskers" the woman wailed between sobs. Tatsu stood their awkwardly rubbing the back of his head "Miss this is the fifth time hes gotten loss im sure hes fine...ill find him in no time.." Tatsu said trying to calm the lady down. What a predicament he was in now, Tatsu was currently at the home of one of his more wealthy neighbors, a neighbor whom owned a very adventurous cat. The cat had a habit of escaping but often came back and never strayed to far, but no matter how many times it left the owner would cry and wail as if the world were going to end in five minutes. "Please make sure he isnt hurt! My poor smoopykins..." she cried again putting a tissue to her face wiping the tears out of her crows feet.  Tatsu couldn't help but lightly slap his forehead with the palm of his hand lightly and close his eyes in a small bout of disappointment. "No wonder that cat always leaves" he thought to himself. "Ill have him back by dinner time" he said as he began to walk out. Having doing this a few times before Tatsu had learned some of the cats favorited hang outs and knew fairly well what it looked like.

So the boy sent out to find the feather footed feline. First he would check around the streets at ground level that way he could check under trashcan lids or boxes, which he wouldnt be able to do if he were flying above, that would come later if he hadnt found the cat by then that is. Tatsu walked through the entire neighborhood looking through alleys and trashcans and under carts and under strange places a cat may hide but none were to be found, well not the cat he was looking for anyway. Hours after hours Tatsu spent looking for that cat and he finally found it, however this time the cat was going to put up a fight. Tatsu looked up at the tree Mr.Whiskers had perched in and the cat looked back down at him. "Cmon you and i both know i gotta take you home now, youve had your fun lets go" he said trying to convince the cat. The cat shook its head no, Tatsu looked at it very annoyed. He gave off a subtle sigh and opened his arms open "Its not like im going to let you fall just come on" .  Once more the cat shook its head no. It was now starting to get dark and things were not going well. "Damn it..fine you wanna do it the hard way?" he thought. To be fair Tatsu did not want to have to do this but the job had to get done, he drew in a deep breathe and with a bit of air bending blew a burst of wind at the poor thing startling it and knocking him off the tree. Of course Tatsu ran up and caught the cat easily then darted for the womans home.

"OOOHHH MY SNUGGLE POOPS!" the woman screamed as she snatched the cat from the boys hands. "I hope he didnt give you any trouble!" she said not really paying attention to him and was being to busy cuddling with her "snuggle poops". Tatsu looked at the woman, scratches on his face , chest and arms. "None at all...none at all..." he grumbled. Tatsu then saw the look on the womans face, seeing her so happy made him smile a bit, atleast one of them was happy. He gave another sigh and began to head out the door "Just try to keep an eye on him next time " he informed her. Hopefully he wouldnt have to do that again for a while.

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Find that cat! (Tatsu)
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