Avatar RPG: The Legacy

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 Episode #5:The rescue

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Hidoi Harikēn

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PostSubject: Episode #5:The rescue   Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:40 am

People were coming up missing. He was hearing about it more and more around town. Hidoi had a good idea who was behind these kidnappings, but with all the grown man butt he'd kicked, those community thugs were keeping behind the scenes on all of their activities.

Hidoi had his ways of finding out what was what though. He'd picked up on plenty of new tricks, and even a new companion in his travels to the Spirit World, escorting his parents to see Hei Bai. She called herself Kodai, and she not only claimed to be a Queen of a city that was lost hundreds of years ago, she claimed to be related to Hidoi, but the exact relation she didn't reveal. Hidoi didn't press the matter, and didn't much mind when she started following him around.

His actual body at home in bed, Hidoi had an out-of-body experience to go snooping around. It took him a while, but he eventually caught sight of a thug. He looked to be in a hurry, nervously looking around, possibly for that crazy kid with the cape and stick, whom he didn't know was currently following him. Hidoi was lead down into the sewers beneath the markets district into a large warehouse now being used as a base of operations by the thugs, and also a human trafficking ring. There were many down here who'd been snatched off of the streets, now being sold like property and mistreated like slaves. All of it began to piss the kid off, who immediately left the scene to return to his body.

That he did, and once he was on his actual feet he returned to the scene. A hard gust blew open the door and smashed into several of the thugs, knocking them into the far wall and sandwiching them between the wall and the door. Hidoi moved so quickly through the place that he was barely able to be seen. People watching could see someone – or something – quickly moving about, smashing something red upside the heads of various thugs so swiftly that it looked like multiple people were attacking them, when there was just one boy. Bodies flew and rolled, grown men screamed like females, and the kidnap victims took the time to begin escaping. Kodai used her bending skills to gather them all in a large pile in the center of the place after Hidoi finished working them with his staff.

There were several who were brave enough to try fighting back, but those were the ones who found themselves paralyzed and drooling on themselves. Hidoi and Kodai held them all off until all citizens managed to escape. After a quick sweep of the place to make sure no one else was here or being held in any back rooms, the kid and his spirit made their exit...

Word Count: 475
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Episode #5:The rescue
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