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 The Kidnapping

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Umi Hakumei

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PostSubject: The Kidnapping   Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:14 pm

Um was riding atop Amor, She was taking what she thought was a well deserved break. But unfortunately, it didn’t seem to last. There was always something going on. She had expected the air city to be peaceful, not…full of criminals and morons? What ever happened to the air nomads being detached and spiritual? What ever happened to the dwellings of the air nomads being serene and perfect meditation? Or was she just a magnet for trouble? Before she could continue on this line of thought, she met up with a woman crying on a mans shoulders, him looking just as bad off. Just standing in the middle of their yard. ”I know honey but there is little we can do. We have notified the police, it is time to wait it out. What else is there? When I get my hands on those kidnappers, they’ll see what they get in ransom.” That piqued Umi’s curiosity. And the latter part was said whith enough venom to kill 10 elephant-mandrills and an armadillo bear to spare. Amor, with umi in his saddle, approached with Umi’s gentle nudge with her foot. ”What is wrong? Anything we can help with? I overheard you while we were walking down the road, but only your comment, about a kidnap and a ransom?” Umi did her best to imply that was all she had caught of his words, but he seemed to know all of what she heard and didn’t care one whit about it. That’s a shirshu right? Could you use this to track her down? Someone kidnapped her in the middle of the day, almost an hour ago, right in front of us. Just running off! He left a ransom note in his wake, But if you can track him we can show him what kind of ransom payment I had in mind.” Umi paused as held out a stuffed animal she was playing with before. ”Sure, hold it in front of Amor’s nose for a minute, then toss it to me, having her scent on hand can be helpful, and when Amor finds her maybe it will comfort her.” Amor seemed to grin his approval of her confidence in him. After the father did as she requested, she tugged lightly on the reins, and Amor turned around, and began to run down the road, apparently following her scent. Umi have wished she could see the word he saw for just a minute.

But she pushed that thought out of her mind, and opened a saddle bag to put the stuffed animal in. Amor was running down the street, his nose flaring up every now and again. This was him in tracking mode. Umi must admit she liked it, watching him track. It hardly took him 5 minutes to track him down to a building. ”Anyone who comes out of that door or building that isn’t me, or isn’t a small girl, get them." And with that, Umi slowly opened the front door, walked in, and shut it again. As she walked in she saw Amor heading into an alley right beside the building. Good. Umi did her best to be quiet, walking slowly forward, listening carefully. ”I want my daddy and mommy. Take me back! What is th…MmmmMmph” A gag? Really? Wasn’t kidnapping her enough, her anger flew outwards again. But she kept her cool and moved forwards, moving towards a wall near the sounds. Then, she edged along it carefully, opening her water-skin and making sure to make as little noise as possible. She was nearly to the end of the wall when a man came out. He seemed not to see her, for she was with her back to the wall edging along. Without waiting, she made a water whip, and lashed out, grabbing an ankle before he knew she was there, and jerking. The point was to confuse him. If he wasn’t expecting the attack, was caught completely off guard, his mind would probably be too confused to act for a few seconds. It seemed to work. Before he did more than yell she bent her whip into restraints, and bound his left foot to his left hand. She froze the restraints in place, and made another water whip from her water-skin, and grabbed his other arm, and bound it to his other foot. Then melted the restraints, and began bending them into a single restraint, holding all for limbs, 2 feet and 2 hands. After this new restraint system was frozen, she ran over into the other room, and pulled out the gag. ”Your dad sent me, I tied that man up, come on, lets get you home.” With that, Umi and the girl ran out of the room, and umi went back and began pulling the man outside the house. She wasn’t strong enough to lift him, so she simply pulled him along the floor. Once outside, she called for Amor, who licked the restrained man into submission. Umi bent the water into an ice platform, and her, the girl, and thje paralyzed kidnapper, all managed onto it. With massive effort, she heaved the man over the back portion of the saddle,  got the girl onto the front, and sat herself just behind her. After bending her water back into her water-skin, Amor took off, taking them home. It took 5 minutes to get the girl to her home. Umi grabbed her and slid off Amor, after he laid obligingly down on his belly. Umi made a water-ship and pulled her paralyzed captive off as well. The police had apparently come to report that they have gotten word from another until that the kidnappers house had been broken into and both of them miss. So, without further ado, she turned the kidnapper in to the police, and the girl in to her parents. Umi left the parents alone, and left quietly with Amor, wanting to give them ample privacy.[/color]

Word Count: 1002
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The Kidnapping
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