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 Escaped Catgator

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Umi Hakumei

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PostSubject: Escaped Catgator   Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:29 pm

Umi was feeling rather better after her fight with the komodo-rhino. She had woken up, feeling much better and the pain in her ankle was completely gone. She was now riding on Amor, and they were heading to the park All was relatively nice. When they got to the park, Amor wandered over to a big pond and began drinking. Umi slid off Amor and dumped her water-skin into the pond, and began refilling it with cleaner water. Just as her water-skin was half full something caught her eye, and without thinking, she pulled her hands back and jumped backwards, just as a big catcator jumped out of the pond, propelling it’s long body out of the water at great speed. If she hadn’t reacted instinctively, tehe catgator could have bitten her hands off. Umi walked back a few stepps, and Amor stared at it, growling. The catgator lunged at Amor, who recoiled, jumping backwards a bit. Umi ran onto the water. The zookeeper had explained there were escapes, this was undoubtedly one. So, after a moment she started bending the water of the pond, filling her flash and closing it. Being a water bender, crossing on top of water was easy. And this was as much her territory as the gators, both of them were all about water. Umi stirred up a current, and froze some water, creating a small surfboard, she moved her arms around, being the water under the board, propelling herself forward at great speed. A laugh escaped her, as she surfed around. After about 30 seconds she stoped, and bent the surface of the pond, creating waves, which pushed towards the gator, trying to push the gator further out of the water. Surfing forward, she used the pond to create a water-ship and lashed out with her bending, extending her arm. Fluidly, she moved her arm, and tried to grab the gator with the whip. However it failed, the gator, out of the pond now, bit the whip, destroying it.

She created another. On this pond, she had no lack of water. She and the gator moved almost with a choreographed dance, her lashing at it, and the gator betting her whips apart. Umi managed to grab it’s tail, but it whipped around, and bit the whip, disintegrating it. Umi sighed as the gator fled into the water. She resumed surfing on her ice-surfboard, she began to pick up speed, going in circles around the pond. After a minute, she stopped, and a new thought occurred to her. Drive it out of the water with temperature. She began cooling the water, breathing deep slow breaths, and lowering the temperature. A breeze whipping over the cooling water chilled her body, but she continued. It wasn’t long before the gat fled the pond, being cold blooded. Um began creating waves again, and then aimed her waves, launching them at the gate sideways, drenching it again and again in cold water. As it’s body temperature started to decrease it lost energy. With a glance she recognized it’s stomach was a bit too big. Was it pregnant? Was it about to lay eggs? Regardless, she made another water whip, and managed, finally, to wrap it around the gators mouth. She began to freeze it, adding more and more water. Not wanting to harm the eggs inside her she decided she needed to counter it’s lost body temperature. She ran over to it, and pulled out some water into a basketball sized blob, and smoothed it against the gator’s back, heating it up, trying to help the gator regain it’s warmth. The gator started to move more and more. Foreseeing an escape attempt, she formed a big ring of water around her and the gator, and froze it. She bent more water from the pond, making her circular ice wall higher and higher with the pond water. After a moment, she climbed out. A zookeeper came running, having heard about the gator from a spectator. With his help, Umi tied up his mouth with some tape, taping it shut, before melting the water holding his jaw shut, and siphoning it into the pond. Umi used water bending to help load it into a cart. The zookeeper left her with a nice bundle of coins for her help, and she spent another 5 minutes restoring the pond to how it was before she had the confrontation with the catgator.

Word Count: 738
Job Description:

Umi Hakumi : Umi's supplies/pets : Jobs Completed/Approved: 20/20

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Escaped Catgator
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