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 Politics and Nation Leadership

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PostSubject: Politics and Nation Leadership   Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:05 pm

Politics in this world are fairly simple. As we want to have a self-sustaining, functional political and leadership system for the villages, we're going to kick start the whole thing with a fairly simple event. Before we get to that, I'm going to explain a few basic rules that have to be followed no matter what system is set up in each village.

[*]Leadership positions can be held by ANY rank character.
[*]Leaders will need to maintain a fairly high activity level. This means you must be active daily, at least touching in the chatbox, and maintaining threads/events/etc within each village and country.
[*]No matter how the Leader comes to power, they will have exactly one month real time before they can be removed from power via impeachment, coups, assassinations, etc.

Now, the next set of rules applies ONLY for the first Leader of each area; after a new leader is set/comes to power, it will no longer apply.

[*]Leaders will be elected via a popular vote.

Now then, to the actual point of this. Beyond wanting to have a functioning political system just because; having this set up and self-sustaining means that the power is in the players, not the staff's, hands. Staff, at least the current admins, have no plans whatsoever to take over running countries or temples; we've all been leaders in one way or another and we're tired of it at the moment. Better to let the players have the power to shape things then admin gods running around.

The actual elections will be easy enough. Anyone that wishes to participate will be given exactly 30 days in which to campaign and win over the hearts and minds of the people within YOUR country. You may only vote within your tribe/nation/country. Given we have absolute numbers for each group, it's basically impossible to screw up a simple poll-vote. An area down in OOC will be created for the single purpose of posting campaign images/posters/videos/etc. Threads based around campaign rallies and the like are allowed, however only 1 PER CANDIDATE is allowed at any time. You must finish one to start another.


The actual polls for the purpose of elections will be created by staff, and opened for exactly one week. Any votes not made within that time period are not counted. The ONLY possible way for an exception would be early/late votes within three days prior/after the week window; which will only be allowed in cases of illness/exams/staff approved reasons.

Elected leaders will have 6 months of real time in power. 6 months equals 2 years RP time. That doesn't seem like much, but anyone that's sat on one RP site for any significant length of time will tell you, in 6 months everything can change, multiple times. Now, this only stands for elected leaders.

Military coups are a different story. If you can gather the forces needed to overthrow the standing government and hold it? Have fun running the place until you're killed, booted out, or quit. Just be fully warned, you will have to defend your rule just like any other tyrant/military leader would.

As to how you wish to lead your country? That's open to you. You have almost complete freedom to run your country. Our only restrictions are this:

[*]You cannot set rules to contradict site rules.
[*]Unless we close the country to applications, you must allow anyone to join.
[*]All attempts to overthrow the standing government MUST be humored. You cannot ignore an attempt and pretend it didn't happen. You must deal with it.
[*]Attempts to overthrow the governments must make sense. You can't suddenly claim to have an army of spirit beasts and men to use. Only what you legitimately have, and only people that have been approved and made a presence on the site can be apart of the coups. Creating characters for the sheer purpose of fluffing up invading groups/armies is expressly forbidden


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Politics and Nation Leadership
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