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 Isolabella Inoue

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PostSubject: Isolabella Inoue   Isolabella Inoue Icon_minitimeThu Oct 24, 2013 2:38 pm

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The Basics!
   Name: Isolabella Inoue
   Birthday: December 10
   Age: 18
   Gender: Female
   Element: Fire

   Height: 5’2
   Weight: 102 lbs
   Hair Color: Red
   Hair Length: Long
   Eye Color: Red
   Skin Color: Light Brown
   Body Type: Thin

About You!

Bella is generally quiet and solitary but tries harder to act cool when other people are around. She is a very, very nice girl. She has a type of personality that makes other people want to take advantage of her. To make that worse she can be gullible at times. She never really had many friends due to her tomboy look and nature except her best friend so she cries out for attention through acting silly and misbehaving at times. But this means nothing when it comes to her training. She trains seriously like any other s, maybe even harder sometimes. The little golden child does have some habits though. She is a stickler for superstitions and always has to keep up with her horoscope because she feels that it is very important.

Even though she is sweet, she can be very bratty sometimes. All in all she has simple flaws such as beating herself up and being self conscious about blemishes that aren't ever noticeable. One would say that she is the perfect teenage girl. If she had one little secret to hide and would be embarrassed if it were to be revealed it would be that she loves to read romance novels that people usually laugh at. They just seem to interest her and make her dream even more of a "Knight in shining armor."

Intellectually the girl is pretty quick witted. She catches on to things quickly though sometimes it doesn't seem like it at all. She even thinks of complex things such as humanity and the rights and willingness of human beings to certain subjects. These are her inner thoughts that keep her intact with herself. Have you ever wondered why you were the one chosen at birth to be who you are? She wonders that every day as well.

Bella enjoys reading and practicing firebending. When she’s not on a mission or off on some crazy adventure, she would be at the local dojo hardening her skills. She often also practices with swords, hoping one day she would become a master swordsman like her grandfather. When she’s not training, she spends time at the local tea shop, as she enjoys the serenity that can often be found only inside a teashop.
Due to some past experiences, she has gain a dislike for earth benders and usual tries to avoid them all together. She dislikes people who pick on the weak and would usual confront those who do so.  She also dislikes war and violence as she believes all conflict can be talked over, sparing the lives of many.


On December 20, a two baby girls would be born within the warm climate of the Fire Nation. Born to Demi Inoue, and his common law wife Hesperia. Both seemed to be healthy babies at first glance, but it was soon discovered that one of the babies was infected with a fever upon birth. They tried all they could but the girl could not be saved... she died moments after her birth. The other had lived however and it was decided to call her the combination of both the names they had picked out for the twins. Isolabella. And from then she was seen as one thing and one thing only. The one who survived.

Spoiled and pampered. Those two words summarized early life for Bella. Anything she wanted she got it and anything she didn’t need she also received. Seeing that her father was a Fire nation general, from early on she was taught the very foundations of the fire nation. Who her ancestors were and what were they’re achievements. She was quizzed on the history of the Fire Nation, even though she was interested the history of her home land, in reality she wanted to be like a normal kid and have fun with others but it wasn’t to be.

At the age of twelve, Bella was enrolled in a private Fire nation academy. As a child in the academy Bella wasn’t popular among the other kids, and normally spent her time alone, watching others play and having fun, suffering in solitude, others didn’t pick on her but just simply ignored her for one reason or another. She worked hard to impress the teachers and other students by always being the top of class, be it theory or practical she was on top, it wasn’t because she was a child prodigy, it was all because she wanted to be accepted. At the end of her academy life she graduated the top of her class, which was expected by the academy instructors but she still hadn’t gained what she originally sought after, instead of recognize her as a peer, they labeled her a know it all and a show off. In the end she discarded her need for acceptance and aimed to prove them wrong.

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Isolabella Inoue
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