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 Bounty System

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PostSubject: Bounty System   Fri Oct 25, 2013 5:18 pm

In any society there are going to be those that don't follow the norms; rebel against the systems for one reason or another. Classical examples of this are the theives and murderers that prey on the world at large for no reason other then personal gain or the sheer fun of it all; the warped minds and sociopaths that see other people as less then cattle to be used and abused to feed their superiority complexes. These are the people that rock the boat, so to say; trouble makers that give rise to vigilante hunters and force functional society to have police and militias for protection.

Now granted, good and evil are highly subjective terms. Everyone has a personal ideal, some sort of understanding of what is good and what is bad that is unique to them alone. Even those of the sociopathic or psychopathic breed have some academic understanding of this concept; it is a construct of humanity that, while highly varied from person to person, tribe to tribe; is still universal enough in it's basics to set certain standards.

For this reason, and because it's just plain fun, we're going to introduce a bounty system. This will also open up the option for benders and non-benders alike to take on the title/job of Bounty Hunter. A bounty hunter is just that, someone who makes their living and spends a significant portion of their time hunting down people with a bounty on their heads. This will be ontop of normal RP duties and such that tie into your rank/positions on the site; it will not supersede nor supplement anything. Bounty Hunt, while functioning like missions, will not count toward your mission requirements to rank up; however they will come with much larger payouts and prizes.

Bounty Missions will use the same template as regular missions, with a few alterations.

Name: (Obvious)
Location: (Obvious)
Type: Bounty Hunt
Bounty Level: (What's the bounty rating?)
Bounty: (What is the Bounty Amount?)
Nation: (Which nation issued the bounty? Is it regional or world-wide?)
Dead or Alive: (Exactly what you think. Is the bounty for dead or alive capture. Different payment amounts can be set for Dead or Alive capture.)
Description: (Fill in ALL IC information given by the bounty board, as well as any specifics for the mission itself: Ex number of hunters needed, special terrain information, required gear, etc.)

Now, bounty hunter jobs will not pay the same way as regular jobs. The very nature of most bounties, especially those on the most famous criminals and the like mean that bounty jobs are going to be very long, and pay very well by comparison. You won't receive the normal 1 coin per word payout of a regular mission; instead a set bounty amount that will /not/ divide among the group that takes the mission. Each participant will receive the full bounty reward, so long as they complete the job.

The payment for each bounty will be determined by the level of the bounty issued. Bounty levels are simple enough, just a way to determine the difficulty and requirements to complete the bounty hunt. Each level will harbor different types of bounty marks, as well as word count requirements for completion, and a general payment range.

Bounty Levels:

1: The most common bounty level. No more dangerous overall then a common job. Rarely given to violent offenders; usually petty thrives and the like. Rank of the bounty target is limited to novice.
2: Very common bounties, these are slightly more dangerous; usually assign to violent offenders that have no murdered anyone. Rank restricted to adept or lower.
3: These bounties are uncommon, but not unheard of. The very violent and extremely famous usually warrant level 3 bounties. First-time or non-violent murderers are in this category. Rank limited to acolyte or lower.
4: Rarely seen, only the worst of the worst find themselves in level 4. Serial killers, the most violent offenders, high ranking military defectors, etc are all level 4.
5: Exceedingly rare, only the most dangerous criminals are placed here. The mass murderers, extremely powerful benders and chi blockers, the people with the power to topple nations and cause wars. Grandmasters and lower are in this rank.


1: Minimum of 500 words. 750 - 1000 coin.
2: Minimum of 1500 words. 2000-2750 coin
3: Minimum of 2500 words. 3500-4500 coin
4: Minimum of 5000 words. 6000-10000 coin
5: Minimum of 9000 words. 15000+ coin


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Bounty System
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