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The Basics!
Name: Vevei Margrace.
Birthday: September 22.
Age: 19.
Gender: Earth {Crystal}
Element: Male.

Height: 5'8 1/2"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair Color: Black.
Hair Length: Mid-length (ear-to-neck)
Eye Color: Bluish-black.
Skin Color: Fair, only slightly tan.
Body Type: Thin, slightly athletic.

About You!
Personality: Vevei is a rather reserved individual. Quite frankly, if he enters the room, it generally just becomes quieter. He doesn't mean for this to happen, it just kind of does.....while he is a person who is wise with his words, he by no means dislikes talking. Vei is quite the listener, and is a fan of just sitting outside and taking in whatever the surroundings are; thus, the inference that he enjoys music (he plays two instruments) and dislikes loud noises is a correct one. Despite his reservedness, he is somewhat combative when he gets into an argument. Strangely, he finds himself to be perpetually cold, even from his time in the Fire Nation, and thus dresses in layers, with scarves and glvoes to boot. Some find him strange, but he minds it not.
Likes: He is an avid collector of crystals. He hates to admit it, but this stems from his great love of things that are shiny (also known as Magpie Syndrome). Otherwise, he is a sort of connoisseur of the finer things in life; he doesn't like to think of himself as a snob, but that he can appreciate these things. Being amiable to an extent, he does enjoy the company of others. Fighting isn't a direct like of his, but he does enjoy relieving stress by bending, and also likes sculpting using his element.
Dislikes: He hates being called by his nickname, Vei, by people he doesn't feel are close enough to him; in addition, it irks him to no end if someone calls him Magpie. Further, he dislikes the rather rugged and unrefined nature of regular Earthbending; thus, he makes use of any deposits of minerals that take the form that he can find (he is an expert at finding these) in the same manner as earth, simply for the looks. Honestly, if someone is infringing on the peace of mind of another, that's enough to earn his scorn.

History: Vevei has moved around most of his life. Frankly, he likes it that way. Born in the Earth Kingdom, he finds that he doesn't remember most of his early childhood. It almost strikes him as sad that he does not have any strong loyalties to the country, but the past is of little importance to him in comparison to the present and future. His family name Margrace is that of merchants; thus, the reason he moved around a lot. It bothered him little, as he was one to take things in; Vevei made it a sort of game to collect keepsakes from the places that his parents took him.

For example, the Fire Nation. Since he was, what nine? Yes, nine. He was a bender since then. Quite early in his life, his parents took him to work. At his young age, he was sent to factories; as an earthbender, he was quite instrumental in the process of smelting base ores into metals such as steel. While he wasn't one to associate with earth in its most unrefined form, the quality of being something of a human crucible made him feel special. Something that set him apart....he like that quite a bit.

Since then, both his parents, who were already rather old as business moguls, had passed away, at his age of fifteen (his father at eleven, his mother at fifteen). By that time, though, he was already essentially self-sufficient.....so while he did mourn his loss, he knew he could survive by himself. After all, he did inherit something of a profitable business.....

But it was not to be. Having judged him to not be a sufficient age to lead his birthright company, the executive council ousted Vevei from the company....with little sign that he would be able to reclaim his position. Thus, he has momentarily moved away from the Fire Nation, and hitched a ride to Choukujou City, where he currently takes up residence.

RP Sample: And what do we have here.....but a new customer.

Vevei had decided that smelting wasn't his style. No, the beauty of gems and the like was his expertise. They were just...enrapturing. Nothing could be compared to the ever-so-convoluted gleam they gave off, the complex shapes, the---

Right. Customer. "So, I heard nice things about this little shack. What'ya got?" A rather....crude introduction. But Vei could ignore that. Not to be greedy, but money was the entire point of this. After all....if he could upsell his product, that was just better for him. Whatever coin he made, it was all profit....because the last descendant of the family Margrace had a penchant for being able to identify precious stones. Wherever there was a certain type of rock, a certain layering.....yes, there was a gem to be found. And he mined it all himself.

"Well, I find you as the sort of man for....this. Reasonably priced."

Bringing out a blazing-red gem, the young man let his customer, a middle-aged gruff, hold the jewel. After examining for a short while, the man finally spat out a reply. "I'll give you three gold coins for it. That's it."

Suckerrrrrrrrrr. Three was plenty for that...he was expecting the same number of coins in silver.

Trade hands, out the door, done deal.

{OOC: No, this story didn't actually give me money.}
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