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 Komodo-Panther (Spirit)

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PostSubject: Komodo-Panther (Spirit)   Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:15 pm

Name: Gars

Species: Komodo-Panther

Type: Combat pet (spirit)

Physical Description: One of the most exotic creatures the world has to offer, the Komodo-panther is approximately 18 feet long, however most of this is its long, thin tale. It stands at about 8 or 9 feet tall and has 6 limbs. 4 of these limbs are large and powerful legs, used for running and climbing. They have paw-like feet with large claws; this is very different from the remaining 2 limbs on the chest. They are normally folded up until they are needed and they end in long spikes that are used to stab prey, skewer objects for crude manipulation, and clean its face (similar to a fly or ant). The creature is entirely hairless and has a thick grey-skinned hide. It's body is very muscular in some areas and very bony in others, giving it a twisted and frightening appearance. Komodo-panthers are most often recognized for their distinctive bony head which has large, powerful jaws and fangs. It's eyes are small and black as they are primarily intended for night vision.

Behavior Description: Komodo-Panthers are solitary by nature and are rarely seen by anyone. They only convene with others of their species when breeding, even then it is brief. They are nocturnal and often highly territorial. They make an odd hissing growl that echoes loudly over a large area to warn other creatures off. Komodo-Panthers are cold-blooded, but they contain and absorb heat better than most reptiles, so they can still be in cold climates for a few days. The creatures are highly intelligent and can reason quite well, this is part of the reason why nobody has ever captured one for any length of time. They have even been rumored to carry small, sentimental objects in their "hands" by tucking them beneath a claw. These behaviors have led to the superstition that a Komodo-panther is created when a child is trapped in the spirit world on accident and only their soul escapes. Komodo-panthers are apex predators and they are very fast; many find it hard to believe that they are also passable climbers and swimmers.

Natural Habitat: Tropical regions surrounding the eastern air temple exclusively

Diet: Carnivore

Basic Abilities:

Heat Sense:

Enhanced Night Vision:




Combat Abilities:


This guy is the creator of the picture that I used for this creature; check out his other stuff to, it's really awesome!



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Komodo-Panther (Spirit)
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