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 "Filler" Guidelines

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PostSubject: "Filler" Guidelines   Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:20 pm

"Filler": Random, off topic sentences and paragraphs added to a training or a job to increase the word count, but which does not otherwise pertain to the subject at hand.

Here on Bend This! filler is a very touchy subject, and most forms of it are currently banned. To help clear things up we have listed below what is and isn't currently allowed (if this changes at any point in time the subject will be updated and bumped so that everyone is made aware of the changes).

- Paraphrasing Speech and/or Actions
- SMALL paraphrased flashbacks to relevant topics (if you're training then say a flashback to a training)
- Small things of information (such as if you preform something that has a scientific backing then you may copy and paste relevant information to support it)

- James Woods moments (A word or sentence repeated over and over again without changing)
- Copy/pasting books/songs/ect. that have no relevance to the topic at hand
- Copy/pasting past role-plays word for word to fill up space

Please understand that anyone attempting to pass filler off will be punished for it, the excuse of "I didn't know" doesn't fly here: if the guideline is posted then it is there for everyone to read, failure to do that is your own fault!

Punishments are as follows:
1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: The entire topic is voided, and has to be done over from SCRATCH (there is no going back and fixing/editing it)
3rd Offense: 3 Day Ban
4th Offense: In the case of a 4th offense an appropriate punishment will then be decided by the Admins and carried out.

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"Filler" Guidelines
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