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 Causper Verte (completed)

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Causper Verte
Causper Verte

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PostSubject: Causper Verte (completed)   Causper Verte (completed) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 16, 2013 7:26 pm

Causper Verte (completed) Nanash11

The Basics!
Name: Causpere Verte
Birthday: July 13
Age: 14
Gender: female
Element: Spirit Fire : Fire element

Height: 5'2"
Weight: confidential for vanity reasons
Hair Color: light blue hair, her ears and tail are an ice blue
Hair Length: past her waist, almost to her knees
Eye Color: light purple
Skin Color: pale cream, like it's never seen the sun
Body Type: Flexible, athletic.

About You!
Personality: Causper's personality can be described as cat-like. Her outward personality varies according to the people she's with, however her true personality is never shown. If she is fond of a person she does not hesitate to show it, and is very affectionate. Likewise if she absolutely despises you, you will know immediately. Part of her personality is often influenced by her cat-spirit too. For instance, if the cat-spirit is paying attention and senses mal-intent directed towards Causper or himself he will not hesitate to react and let his emotions mingle with Causper, setting her on guard too. Another factor that affects Causper's personality is the way she was raised. Being raised in a monastery gave her a number of virtues a person raised normally wouldn't keep in mind as often as Causper does. She doesn't have that much of a desire for useless things (other then her bells) so she is often considered selfless. In reality, she was simply raised to think like that. She doesn't consider herself to have an outstanding personality as all others in the monastery were raised to have the same values.
Likes: Spiritual places and objects- for her entire life Causper has been very fond of temples, shrines and all else connected to spirits or gods. This is mainly due to the dual-tailed cat spirit tied to her own spirit.
Bells- for no obvious reason Causper is obsessed with bells. Her cat-spirit absolutely detests them, so Causper is kept from excessively fawning over every bell she sees. Of course this doesn't stop her from putting bells on every accessory she owns despite the cat-spirit's protests.
Fruit teas- Causper was raised drinking alot of tea, so naturally she has a fondness for it. Particularly strawberry or raspberry teas.
Dislikes:Fish- Causper has hated fish for as long as she can remember, unlike everyone seems to think she does. Her cat-spirit doesn't seem to like fish either, much prefering other meats which Causper has never even heard of before.
Barbarians- Causper was raised in a monastery so un-couth or barbaric people absolutely horrify her. Much to her disdain, her cat-spirit is the most un-couth person she's ever met.

History:    Causper was born on a Friday the Thirteenth in July, which was also a blue moon. These two events on the same day let a not-so-pleasant cat spirit escape from captivity in the spirit realm. This cat spirit was bound to Causper's spirit when she was first born, giving her ice blue cat ears and a tail.  This horrified the girl's mother, who then abandoned her at a near-by monastery when she was two. She was raised by the monks, taught much more by them as their child then she would have been taught  had she been sent there as a student. The girl was a fast learner, quickly exceeding her peers at the monastery, but never causing too much trouble to warrant any punishments. The little girl lived what she thought of as a life of luxury. She was always amiable, and despite her tail and being quite obviously female she was never treated as a demon or abomination. Quite the opposite, everyone thought of her as angelic.

When she was eight, she discovered her special powers and pestering cat-spirit that came with them. Quite by accident, she set the monastery' s stables on fire. It was a cold, silvery fire that had the sweet scent of lavender. The water the monks used to try and put out the fire hadn't worked, it merely splashed on the stable walls like the flames weren't there. Soon enough a strong wind blew about the monastery and it put out the fire with a small hiss. Upon inspection, the stable walls were not burnt, but repaired. Every where the silver flames had touched, the wood and paint were in perfect condition and ice cold. As she got to know this cat spirit, Causper's control over the flames improved, until she could use them with ease on broken objects, damaged walls, and even certain injuries.

At the age of 12, she was sent out with a group of the monks on a pilgrimage. She returned from her pilgrimage on her thirteenth birthday to find the monastery in shambles. This sight scared the girl, and she ran about the grounds looking for survivors, a trail of spirit fire lingering behind her restoring the temple. After having searched the entire grounds, all Causper had found was a letter addressed to her from the monks.  The temple was under attack. She was not to try to avenge them, nor was she to kill herself to join them. She was told to keep living, look to the future, make friends from across the globe. Live life to it's fullest, and never look back.

And so, with only a small bag of possessions, Causper started off on another pilgrimage around the world to find a new place to call home.

RP Sample:

Ame stretched out on her branch. It was raining but no water reached to the lower branches of the Rowan tree where Ame was napping. A small brilliant green leaf landed on the little girl's forehead, waking her up. She swung upside down rather than sitting up, rubbing her eyes. The slight rain shower had become a full out storm while she had slept and now the small grove was dark as night. Ame frowned. The dark didn't bother her, however it would be difficult to leave the area without an umbrella - which Ame had left at the Symposium.

Sighing, Ame decided to practice her gymnastics. The mossy ground beneath the trees wasn't very good, but it would do for now. Ame took a few moments to ready herself, then let herself fall, flipping twice mid-air. She winced as a loud rumble of thunder distracted her, causing her to land off-center and stumble backwards into a tree. I really need to practice more, she thought to herself as her head stopped reeling.

Ame decided to try something easier next, completing a few rounds of cart-wheels, then switching to front-flips and finally back-flips.

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PostSubject: Re: Causper Verte (completed)   Causper Verte (completed) Icon_minitimeMon Nov 18, 2013 1:27 am

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Causper Verte (completed)
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