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 Avery's Bag

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Name: Glider Fan Staff
Description: A square shaped gun, or staff, made out of dark, flexible wood and which stands at five feet tall. With the proper flick the staff can open into a full fan (slightly different than the average airbenders glider staff) which is otherwise kept sealed safely inside of the staff when not in use. The fan part of the glider staff is reinforced with smaller wooden shapes which hold the thick but reliable silk that makes up the actual fan itself and which helps to protect the smaller wooden shafts that keep it in place: the silk is blue underneath and green camo on top (which helps keep it hidden when in use, and which allows the use it as a way to hide themselves in certain areas).
Compared to the average glider staff in which the airbender holds on beneath it, the user can instead stand or sit on top of the reinforced fan shaped glider and ride upon the top of it: they change movements either by changing the current of winds around them, or when gliding they can simply shift their weight to changed directions or height.
Enhancements: Due to the airbender's hands being free they're capable of preforming other bender feats, allowing the user to multi-task easier. This glider is also more reinforced than the average; allowing them to wield it like a bo staff without having to worry about it easily being broken.

Name: Tessen
Description: A folding fan with outer spokes made of heavy plates of iron which were designed to look like normal, harmless folding fans or solid clubs shaped to look like a closed fan. The spokes are sharpened, allowing them to act much like a cutting weapon in close combat, capable of creating cuts an inch deep. The tessen can also be used for fending off arrows and darts, as a throwing weapon, and as an aid in swimming, as well as a club when it's closed.


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Name: Lil Bai
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Rank: Grandmaster
Element: Air, Spiritbending
Species: Spirit, Panda
Description: Lil Bai is the offspring of Hei Bai; and although he is centuries old he is still just a cub in size and appearance. Lil Bai weights roughly 38 pounds. He is a total of 44.4 inches long, with his body making up 26.3 inches of that from tail to neck, and his head making up an additional 13.8 inches. His chest girth is 22.5 inches, abdominal girth is 28 inches, and his neck girl is 16.1 inches. The majority of his head is white, with the area around his eyes being black along with his ears. His chest, front legs, back legs, and tail are black, leaving the rest of his back and belly white.
Personality: Lil Bai is playful and mischievous. He likes to play pranks on people (such as take things and hide them for a period of time, only to give them back after he's sure they've given up looking for them), and isn't above taking and eating food or candies left out unguarded.
He is protective over what he has claimed to be his - Avery -  and is known for brandishing a stick of bamboo: which he happens to like to whack people on the head with who are rude, or who he precieves as being rude to Avery or others that he likes.
For Avery, or others he knows, he can come off as somewhat of a cuddle bug, or a lap pet so to speak. He prefers to ride around on Avery's shoulders instead of walking himself which can make many think of him as lazy, but he is anything but. He can be active when the spirit moves him, and when Avery is interested enough to follow.
Special Characteristics:

Lil' Bai
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Avery's Bag
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