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 Pet Guide and Templates

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PostSubject: Pet Guide and Templates   Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:17 pm

Non-combat pets are normally small or serve some function that is not inherently tied to battle. For instance; a small bat is perfect for tracking or scouting at night; but almost useless in battle. Something extremely small and frail such as bats, birds, or small lizards are unable to be converted to combat pets. Non-combat pets CANNOT have elemental affinities; however animals that are naturally strong swimmers such as dogs or deer can have abilities tied to such. Something like the canon Flying Lemurs will be able to fly, but this does not constitute an Air affinity in and of itself.

Any animal that will grow into a larger animal - such as Flying Bison, Shirshu - are automatically considered combat pets, even if they cannot be used right away as such (mostly due to their size). Spirit Pets are AUTOMATICALLY considered Combat pets (Please see rules regarding those below).

Non-Combat Pet Template:

Combat Pet Template:
[b]Special Characteristics:[/b]
Spirit based pets are also allowed here on Bend This!. However, there are a few rules that apply.

- First and foremost you have to enter into the spirit world (either by an airbender with Spiritbending taking you, or having the ability of Spiritbending yourself), or otherwise know where there is a gate/portal (through LEGIT RP) to the spirit world and wait for one to come through.
- No Spirit pet can have an ability outside of your elements. What you are capable of your pet is capable of. If you learn something later on then you may train your pet in that area (training rules listed below).
- The same above rule applies to the rank of your pet. You cannot have a pet that surpasses you in skill. You are the master of your pet, and therefore your pet cannot learn something that you yourself do not know or are incapable of knowing.
- Only Spirits that have been seen in the canon are allowed, or offspring of said Spirit (unless otherwise created by Staff).
- Spirit pets can only be befriended through RP. Anyone wishing to befriend a Spirit pet must create a 10,000 word thread using no filler. Once finished the thread must be run past Staff for it to be reviewed and approved.
- You are only allowed ONE Spirit pet, no more than that! Even if you go through all of the work you will be denied.
- If you wish to release your spirit pet you must wait a period of two weeks before you can app another and begin the process again.


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Pet Guide and Templates
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