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 Knight's Bio

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PostSubject: Knight's Bio   Knight's Bio Icon_minitimeTue Jan 14, 2014 2:33 am

Knight's Bio EARTH-BENDERRRR-172576047

The Basics!
Name: Knight Kishiwaki
Birthday: November 21
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Element: Earth

Height: 6'2
Weight: 154lbs
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Hair Length: Goes to the bottom of his neck
Eye Color: Orange
Skin Color: Tan
Body Type: Athletic

About You!
Personality: A straightforward person, he will tell you what he thinks of you to your face whether it be that he likes you or is about to cave your skull in. Nice and caring to his friends, ruthless to his enemies. Likes to be layed back, doesn't stress things to much, but has serious moments. When in particularly stressful situations tends to talk more, also has a habit of sighing. Confident of his own abilities, he often incorrectly judges other’s actions and their intents, causing conflict in maintaining relationships. Always the skeptic, Knight does not trust others easily, if ever, but can always be trusted to carry out what he said he would do.
Likes: Knight like all kinds of animals. He doesn't let anyone see that he indeed does has a soft spot. He also likes cold, dark places like caves. For some reason they give him comfort. Maybe because he is an earth bender. The one other thing he likes is violence. He like to start fights just to see who is more powerful.
Dislikes: Knight absolutely despises guys that act tough. Anyone that acts like that around him, he leaves them with serious injuries.
He also hates noisy people. Knight loves his peace and quiet, and when its ruined, rocks start falling.
The one other this he dislikes is Hyper Girls. He hates the screeching and high pitch noises that girls make and it also hurts his ears.

History: Knight was born and raised in Republic City. His mother is a nonbender and his father is an earthbender. Knight went to school with all types of benders, but did not discover that he was a bender himself until much later. In his early childhood, he was tiny and shy--he was smaller than all the boys and some of the girls in his class, and kept to his self most of the time, drawing. As children grew older and discovered their bending abilities, Knight still did not find his. Boys would fight, and Knight, being shy, would refrain. He would instead pursue other hobbies such as art and sometimes girls in his class would watch him draw. Despite his wish to stay out of trouble and rowdy behavior, however, trouble found him when boys did not like their girls watching him and picked on him. Knight never said much back and took shoves with a small voice and a lot of diffidence, still not knowing about his bending abilities. He only felt at peace when he was not around people, hanging out in a cave, sketching, or sculpting. People made fun of him but he was only ever confident when making art alone; this would heal his spirit if it broke any time during the school day.
One day while frustratedly working with clay that seemed to have dried out too far, Knight manipulated it into the form he desired with a surprisingly easy stroke of hand. He tried again and was successful in moving the soft earth. He finally discovered his earthbending abilities, even though it took him a full eleven years. He was excited and then tried moving solid rock, and was successful. At school the the next day, when the usual imposing bunch came to him, he tried moving rock but could not and they laughed.
Knight eventually realized that his ability to bend was based on how breakable he let his spirit be to someone. He could only bend when he was alone and at peace because that was when he was most confident. He resolved to harden his spirit and continued to hide his abilities from others. Still, he would constantly be provoked during school when he received sympathy from the girls and the boys reacted. Some girls in his his year were nice, but they were troublemakers for that reason. Knight couldn't trust being around people and he became more distant from most people, hiding his passion for art and just staying in reading or taking long, lonely walks. In his spare time, he would practice bending to occupy himself.
As the years passed he grew stronger, taller, and became better at bending. He, however, was a little asocial. This changed after he moved schools because of his parents' jobs and found a new crowd. There, he was invited to hang out with boys his age who were into biking and started getting into typical "boyish" hobbies like bending and cars, but they weren't his favorite pastimes. He and his friends were rude and teasing when together and adopted a who-cares behavior, although among them, Knight was somewhat quieter. As he made acquaintances, Knight started to care about what people thought of him.
Nowadays he just tries to blend by trying to look the part of what people expect from him when they look at him.
Still, sometimes when he's sure no one "important" is around, he'll stick to himself and draw or sculpt.

RP Sample: Knight gripped his glass, his fingers twitching ever so slightly with irritation. It was all he could do to resist saying something rude to his acquaintance as he laughed on about how a passing serving girl had the strangest walk he had ever seen. However, as he flicked his eyes over to his acquaintance, he found himself caving. He smiled dryly. "You know, it sort of reminds me of how someone else walked for two weeks after he lost a certain fight," he said.
Not in the mood to hear a retort, he then rose silently from his seat and made his way to the front of the tavern. He greeted the barmaid with a polite smile and slid her the tab. As he waited for her to process his change he glanced sidelong, leaning with his forearm atop the counter and one ankle casually crossed over the other.

Faceclaim: Knight and devientart

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Knight's Bio
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