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 Stealing Reminder!

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PostSubject: Stealing Reminder!   Sat Oct 05, 2013 8:36 pm

Here is just an important reminder on our rule about stealing the custom creations of other players, or using them without the original creators permission:

"8. STEALING IN ANY FORM IS PROHIBITED! Just because you see a custom item/pet that you like does NOT mean you get to just take it. You have to ask permission from the creator before hand. If you are told no than it is NO! Staff will NOT over-ride the original creators decision so do not ask. If you are caught continuously pestering or questioning the creator over something in the chatbox you will be kicked - elsewhere you will be temp banned! If caught apping something that someone else created, you will be penalized unless you have been given permission - and the punishment will be more severe if Staff is given proof that you have already been told no!"

Lil' Bai

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Stealing Reminder!
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