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 Houjin's Saddle Bag

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PostSubject: Houjin's Saddle Bag   Houjin's Saddle Bag Icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 10:27 pm

Name: Dao Sword x 2
Description: Dao swords are moderately curved and single-edged, though often with a few inches of the leading back edge sharpened as well; the moderate curve allows them to be reasonably effective in the thrust. Hilts are canted, curving in the opposite direction as the blade, which improves handling in some forms of cuts and thrusts. Cord is usually wrapped over the wood of the handle. Hilts may also be pierced like those of the jian, a straight-bladed sword, for the addition of lanyards.

Name: Shirshu Saddle
Description: Just a simple saddle crafted in the same style as a horse saddle that has been adapted and adjusted to fit upon the back of a Shirshu, namely Houjin's Shirshu Jeice. The saddle is made of soft leather and fur, with thick, double layer leather straps holding it to Jeice's body. A customized neck/head harness attatches to Jeice's head to allow Houjin extra control via a set of leather reigns. Attatched to the side of saddle are various carrying bags and pouchs, which are used to store his gear when traveling. The saddle itself is large and able to carry two people without much trouble.


Houjin's Saddle Bag VmAUC0R

History || Jeice the Shirsu and Houjin's Saddle Bag

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Houjin's Saddle Bag
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