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 Hidoi's Inventory

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Hidoi Harikēn
Hidoi Harikēn

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Hidoi's Inventory Empty
PostSubject: Hidoi's Inventory   Hidoi's Inventory Icon_minitimeSun Oct 06, 2013 2:45 am

Name: Harikēn's Cape
Description: Once belonging to his father, Hidoi's hooded cloak-like cape is baggy, colored brown and drags the floor behind him when walking, indicating it's long length. It has several inside pockets for carrying items.
Enhancements: It is made of a highly resistant silk material able to withstand a significant amount of punishment and be used to deflect several small attacks before being damaged; heavy enough to be used for such purposes as gliding and carrying Hidoi's light weight, but light enough so that Hidoi is not hindered at all while moving. In addition to being used to glide, the cape can also be used as a parachute to slow falls from great heights.

Hidoi's Inventory 9vgilv
Name: Harikēn's 如意棒, Nyoi-bō
Description: Once belonging to his father, it is a red staff that can be used as a walking stick, as a weapon, and in aiding with Airbending techniques.
Enhancements: The staff has the magical ability to expand and retract it's length in the hands of a Harikēn. Expansion speed is relatively quick, able to boost a skilled user airborne. The staff is made of Ash Wood, lumber hard and heavy enough to be used for baseball bats, it’s also flexible enough for bending. It measures 3' long retracted and 6' fully expanded, and 1.25" thick.

Hidoi's Inventory 2cqn2ib
Name: Kodai Bōfū (古代 暴風 Ancient Windstorm)
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Rank: Grandmaster
Element: Air, Spiritbending
Species: Human Spirit
Description: Kodai Bōfū claims to be one of Hidoi's ancestors from hundereds of years past. She has a strange infatuation with the child, and because of such she will not tell him exactly how she is related to him, or if at all. In life, Kodai was a Queen of a long lost city and a Grandmaster Airbender who once used her skills to fend off an entire army invading her kingdom single-handed, but at the cost of her life. Kodai mostly hovers next to Hidoi's head as a blue wisp-like spirit, yet she is fully able of generating herself a body, (which looks to be a young woman around the age of 16) or possessing one should the need arise.
Personality: Kodai mostly remains silent, speaking to Hidoi telepathically. When she does decide to speak, she is revealed to be a cynical and shrewd individual, along with a somewhat twisted sense of humour. She is totally infaturated with Hidoi, and has vowed to stay by him until he dies. She is fiercely loyal and absoultely protective of him.

Special Characteristics:

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Hidoi's Inventory
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