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PostSubject: Satoshi   Sun Oct 06, 2013 10:32 am

The Basics!
Name: Satoshi
Birthday: April 20th
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Element: Earth

Height: 6'0
Weight: 195
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Tan
Body Type: Athletic

About You!
Personality: A very conceited person at heart, Satoshi has always thought highly of himself.  His confidence is often seen as arrogance by his elders, but he doesn't let it bother him. He has a blazing temper that can be set off if you insult him in any way. He doesn't really care for authority, but likes to fight quite a bit. He's always been a loner at heart, but seems to be constantly surrounded by people. He is an emotional person for the most part, showing every emotion besides sadness.

Satoshi is a very cold person to his enemies. He kills without a second thought and shows no remorse afterwards. He is always thinking strategically, whether it be in battle or just in a casual conversation. He doesn't really care for being polite, as he finds it is a waste of time an energy. Anything he says, he means it with great earnest, and refuses to apologize for it. He is not easily intimidated and refuses to show fear.

He is a very detached person, often choosing to kill the opposition rather than saving a friend. Everything around him is expendable in his eyes, but only sacrifices things for a  purpose. He is a very determined person as well. Often pushing through hardships without falter because of his stubbornness and vision. He has no interest in traitors and will attack them on sight. He is efficient in combat. Often choosing to go with a powerful combo to make sure he doesn't waste time.

Likes: Satoshi enjoys doing things that fills his body with adrenaline. The easiest way to do that is by being in a battle. His lust for excitement in war is often mistaken for bloodlust, but is actually Satoshi seeking another state of high when he fights his enemies. Besides that, he also enjoys to rock climb and do other various sports that are extemely dangerous. Most could see that as dangerous or scary, but he finds that those moments are when he is truly happy.

He also enjoys strategizing. He is often seen play Shogi and other board games that test ones mental capabilities. Because of his joy in this area, it is not uncommon for the leaders to call upon Satoshi in times of war so that he can advise them in the appropriate action. This only adds to his already big ego, making him prideful in his abilities. That fact is often the reason Satoshi has been at a disadvantage in his battles, but he always uses that intellect to overcome such obstacles.

Dislikes: While Satoshi has a high opinion of reputation and honor, he actually does not enjoy people. He finds them to be annoying and hard to deal with. He can't stand hearing people complain or be overly happy, which has driven him to be a loner for most of his life. Its because of his anti-social nature that he looks down on those who are weak, stating that they only have themselves to blame. This fact often leads him to have arguments with stubborn comrades.

Lastly, Satoshi doesn't care for water. He finds the element to be weak and easily countered, which stems from a hidden fear of water. Because of this fact, he doesn't like to be on boats or swim in pools. He even takes it as far as drinking less water because of it. This has also translated into a hate of the Water benders and The Water Tribes. He finds himself becoming increasingly uncomfortable with every visit to the liquid filled hell-hole.

History: Satoshi's early years were more difficult than most. His parents both dies while he was young, leaving him as an orphan in the harsh world. He grew up in the streets of Dochuu City, struggling for the basics of good and water. Because of the large population, no one would take interest in a little orphan like him. He was lonely for the most part, finding that the friends he did happen to make would die of starvation. These experiences made Sato determined to live. He did so, but not without sacrifice. As he grew older he became bitter in personality. He was angry more days than not and without any reasoning. This anger made his drive to survive stronger, taking advantage of opportunities to use fear to better his chances in poverty. Some times, that meant he had to break a few laws.

This went on for years. As he grew older, he became craftier and more strategic in his thinking. Survival was all about efficiency and he made sure to have a full understanding of that. At the age of 17, everything came crashing down at once. There was no way to win this one. His back was against the wall against multiple opponents in a back alley. They caught him stealing food. All the pent up anger in Sato burst forth at once. The misfortunes that he experience in life came flooding back as he awakened a latent ability. He started to earth bend against his opponents wildly, putting them down in just moments. A earth bending teacher heard of this man who had much potential and approached him. His name was Isao.

The years following that event consistent of a persistent teacher teaching a stubborn student how to properly bed the element that was earth. Every day, Sato was hesitant to accept being inferior to the man, but stomached it to gain power in the long run. He studied vigorously to hopefully be able to become powerful enough to make sure he never struggled again. Over the years, he has done just that. His potential was great and his determination was even greater. He eventually became a Master of earth bending at the age of 22, surpassing his teacher. He now resides on the outskirts of the city, training to one day become a grandmaster and eventually become the most powerful earth bender the world has ever known.

RP Sample: Chocolate brown eyes swept the room as Satoshi looked to find his next target. While this was just a simple sparring match to the two other earth benders present, it was much more to him. It was a test of his progress. He stood firmly on the ground, staying alert to the movement around him. He front foot raised and stomped the earth below with a resounding thud. Suddenly a chick of the earth below him shot into the air. He swiftly threw a punch forward, hitting it and sending it flying forward with precision. His opponents countered, centering their gravity and raising a wall of defense. Satoshi friend as his body shifted to the left, snapping into a an attack mode. A rock of large proportion rose up, flanking them. It sent both flying into the wall, causing both of them injury. "Always stay alert. Never let your guard down. That is the key to survival."

Faceclaim: Face Claim: Gaius from Fire Emblem: Awakening

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Finally completed XD
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PostSubject: Re: Satoshi   

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