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 Speed and Strength in Combat. Tables References for Everyone.

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PostSubject: Speed and Strength in Combat. Tables References for Everyone.   Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:37 pm

One of the biggest headaches everyone faces on sites with any sort of combat system is the rules and requlations regarding movement speed and physical strength. Attack speed, by the very nature of the structure of the combat and skill of the user is control fairly well without any imput from the staff; however if we feel that at a later date it must be defined, we will add that in here. For now, we are going to address, with as much clarity as we possible can without going into long-winded, Tl;DR explanations of everything, just who moves as what speeds, and how string you are as a character.

The basic structure is a base 6 system, with a 1 being a completely normal, untrained human, and a 6 being the Avatar, or other God-like spirit beings. Very few creatures are rated as a 6, and no non-avatar human can attain that level of speed or strength. This is non-negotiable, no human besides the Avatar can reach level 6. The numbers given are assumed as the maximum speed/power allowed for the rank; there will be no MPH/KH or PSI or whatever measurement you think in given. If you are, for example, a 3, then you are equal in strength/speed to any other ranked 3 character. The winner in a contest of equals will be the person with the greatest skill, not who can claim to move faster or be stronger.

Strength Table

Chi Blocker11122
Speed Table

Chi Blocker11122
What these numbers mean are simple enough; but to be sure everyone is on the same page, we're going to give general examples so that there's not as much confusion later on.

A 1 is simply the basic human standard. You are nothing more special then a normal human in speed or strength; and while you might have the edge of your very basic bending skills; you can still easily be defeated by a non-bender of sufficient skill.

A 2 is what you would think of as a prodigy human; greater base speed and greater strength, which when combined with your bending skills makes you a nightmare for lower ranked beings; however you are not invincible by any means. It is till possible for non-benders to win in a fight; however the odds are in your favor.

3 is when you have surpassed normal human limitations. You are faster then any human could hope to be without the assistance of animal or machine, and your physical strength is unrivaled by all but the largest beasts. You are untouchable by normal humans, and anyone below your ability ranking would be envious of your might.

4 is approaching supernatural ability; no machine or normal beast can match you, and most humans would have trouble comprehending the full extent of your powers. Your speed allows you to move so fast that you seem to blurr for short periods of time, and your strength is such that the earth itself is your plaything. All but the densest rock and hardest metals bend and crumble in your hands.

5 is as close to godly as the human can approach without becoming the Avatar. Your stregnth can only be matched by the spirits, all metals and earthly materials are yours to mold and destroy as you wish. Your speed is almost beyond comprehension.

If this is not enough, the staff will be willing to provide video, if possible, of what the limits are per ranking. However, the generalized guidelines given here should be enough. Please do not come to staff begging or whining about constrictions and such of the rules; they are very lax, and very open, while being as fair as we can make them without being asses about it. However, if you have ideas that you believe might improve the rules and make them easier to understand while still being fair, please do not hesitate to contact someone and share; but at the same time, do not be surprised, or angry, if we chose not to use the suggestions at that time. While we plan to keep things updated consistantly, not everything has to be changed all the time. So long as it's not broken, we're going to leave it alone for the sake of fairness and workloads.


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Speed and Strength in Combat. Tables References for Everyone.
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