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 Avery Tatsumaki

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The Basics!
Name: Avery Tatsumaki
Birthday: October 1st
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Element: Air

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115 Pounds
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Length: Long, Almost to her Knees
Eye Color: Orange
Skin Color: Sun-kissed Tan
Body Type: Thin

About You!
Personality:  Bubbly is one word that seriously describes Avery's personality. While not exactly hyper, she does love to be on the move. She constantly has a smile on her face, and a gleam in her eyes. She radiates happiness more than most people could ever dream, and loves nothing more than to see others happy themselves.
She's likewise a good listener and problem solver. Nothing makes her happier than listening to the problems of others and then doing her best to help them to come up with solutions to get rid of the issue.
She's also a very loving and friendly individual: she's not above hugging those she knows when she sees them, on the job or not. There's no such thing as a "personal bubble" when Avery's around - at least, not in the sense of when it comes to hugs and being hugged.
Avery is also a hard worker: she was taught from a young age to work for what she wants, and to allow nothing to stand in her way - leading also to her high amount of determination.
On the flip side Avery's personality does have a dark side: she has lost friends and family due to the incidents in her life, and because of that when Avery gets truly angry or when someone threatens someone that she cares about she can show a completely different and far darker side to herself. She becomes almost sadistic: determined to end the threat by any means necessary, and if the threat has already harmed that friend or loved one? She's always more than willing to return the favor seven fold.
Above all of that though Avery is a peaceful, free spirit: she loves wide open spaces, fun, and happiness. She's the type of person never content with staying still, or staying in one place for very long unless there's a good reason to keep her there (such as her friends and loved ones being in a specific location).

Likes: There is nothing that a Tatsumaki likes more than clean fresh air and wide open spaces. Modern technology tends to taint the air, and because of this most Tatsumaki like to keep towards older villages, or otherwise live on the outskirts of more modern places as to avoid the taint in the air, since they can smell it and sense it far more than the average person. Avery is no exception to this.
Avery also enjoys art: bright colors, chaos, or peace, she's not very picky. She enjoys to see what the minds of others are able to create, and would be rather pleased to spend hours upon hours in Museums and art galleries.
Avery also enjoys food: while not a heavy eater she does enjoy trying at least every dish she can get her hands on at least once. She prefers spicy or sweet things the most, though - but, she's willing to try everything at least once.
She also enjoys just spending time outdoors in general: either taking a hike, going climbing, or just relaxing in a park, if she's outside then she's likely very, very happy, especially if surrounded by friends.

Dislikes: Closed in spaces go hand in hand with both her dislikes and her fears. There's nothing worse for Avery then being cooped up inside of some building, or worse, underground, with little access to natural sunlight and fresh, clean, outside air. It's the equivalent to a Tatsumaki as someone being trapped underwater for a long period of time: uncomfortable to say the least, and something she avoids as much as possible.
Avery also dislikes those who abuse their power: she's been in situations in the past where she was up against the "bow down and worship me" types, and there's almost nothing on the earth that she hates worse then having to deal with someone like that. If the situation cannot be avoided, she usually tends to lash out against them, or otherwise act extremely defiant.
Finally, Avery dislikes uniforms: she prefers to wear her own style and dress her own way - while willing to conform to certain dress codes (such as the length of a skirt, ect), she still likes to keep her own style and have her own way of doing things and dressing.

History: Avery's life has always been one of secret. From the moment she was born her parents and elders knew her to be 'special'. She had that distinct look about her of one who could communicate with the spirit world. From the time she could walk and talk she was air bending. Her skill was so powerful that on numerous occasions she had sent herself flying off of one of the temple cliffs, to plummet towards the ground below. However, she never died, due to her own abilities: the air she could bend and manipulate would protect her, keep her from smashing into the ground, slow her enough so that when she did land it was soft and gentle - and she'd often be found later by frantic monks or her parents.

The beginning of Avery's young life was one filled with promise and enjoyment. She was dotted on like any other child, went through training and schooling, was taught to meditate like all of the rest of the air benders. She always showed promising skill in the things she did, a prodigy she was called. Some of her training was kept in secret, especially after the monks learned of how powerful, how able she was, when it came to interacting with the spirit world. Her first bout with the whole process was around the time she was seven years old: she had fallen asleep and found herself outside of her body. However, she wasn't in the spirit world, and was in fact in spirit form in the real world. She was able to walk amongst the monks and her friends, completely un-noticed by any but the most strongest - and even then it was like a familiar tug to them, something there but unseen. She awoke three days later, completely fine and healthy, and the story she had to tell the monks about it all started the most rigorous training of her life - the fact that she could name exactly what they had been doing and where was enough to prove she was by no means making it up or lying.

As she grew and her powers became more known, no matter how secret they tried to keep them, it became apparent that someone was after her. Shady individuals began to hang around the temple, watching her, always her. She found herself being followed home on more than one occasion. When she spoke up about it her parents realized that they too had seen these people, and so they hatched a secret plan with the most elder monks, a plan to get Avery out of there. Rumors had already begun to reach her ears of other children being snatched, and they wished to spare Avery from that sort of hell.

The plan succeeded for the most part. They were to leave in the dead of night, escape to where Avery's eccentric grandmother was living. From there they would be safe, and Avery's training could continue undisturbed. Avery knew where her grandmother lived, though she had never been there before: her grandmother would visit her in the temple, and vice versa often in the spirit world.

So, they set out one very foggy night. It worked at first, they got quite far... and then the attack happened. No matter how hard her parents fought they were no match. They were killed before Avery's eyes, with Avery still fighting her hardest. But, she was overpowered, and darkness consumed her.

When she woke she found herself in the most god awful of schools. A place of hell and brainwashing. She was careful who she spoke to, what she did. And a while passed before one night, as she went to sleep, her grandmother came to visit her in a dream. She spoke of having been watching Avery, of knowing what happened to her but of having no power to go in there and get her. Her grandmother told her she should start to trust some people when it came time to it, and that everything would be okay in the end...

Shortly afterwards she met Houjin, who was very aware of her lack of brainwashing. She admitted to him, after she was sure enough she could trust him, that she could use her spirit form to make a more accurate map of the school than the one that they had. From there on out it was the beginning of slow building friendships: Houjin, Arawn, the twins, and more... all while they waited and hatched a plan for escape.

It was a full moon, the night they broke free. The twins caused all manner of mechanical hell, disabling security systems and making sure that they couldn't be tracked as they moved across the school. They made their way to the front gate, the only way in or out via land; the school was backed against a rugged cliff and overlooked jagged rocks only partially submerged below icy cold water. A no go via the back, and no access the air travel; as the plane used for travel to and from the school was kept in a secondary complex outside the main gate. The battles they faced were intense; the brainwashed masses of the school used to stop them, the teachers battling to kill no matter what. They were successful enough in their fights; most of the students were incapacitated without doing excessive damage; and the teachers were... terminated with extreme pleasure. While the rest went to open the gate and clear the way, Houjin and Arawn went after Houjin's grandfather; the source, the final battle.

Avery and Marquetta worked side by side, fighting, and ensuring that everyone who could be got out, was. After the escape Houjin and Arawn went their separate ways, and Avery and Marquetta went theirs.

Avery and Mar spent several weeks locating Avery's grandmother: there was a great distance put between them that took a while to travel over. They stayed with her grandmother, hidden away, until they were sure the coast was clear. From there they moved to the Air Temple, figuring it safer if they stayed in larger numbers. Everything was fine at first, until Marquetta started acting off. It was little things at first, aggression, or agitation. But it quickly escalated.

One morning Avery woke up to her grandmother screaming, and the sound of total chaos. The earth bender had started attacking the air nomads, and was in the process of attempting to kill Avery's grandmother who had tried to stop her from killing anyone else - two boys were already dead. Avery jumped in just as Marquetta was beginning to over power her grandmother, and the two fought violently. Eventually, Avery won, but only by killing off Marquetta.

Marquetta was buried in an unmarked grave: a grave dug by Avery's own hands off on the most steepest and dangerous of cliffs. It would be her greatest secret... her greatest sin.

About around the third year marking of escaping that hellish school she met back up with Houjin and Arawn. However, when questions were raised of Marquetta she simply spoke of her leaving, of her being gone..and refused to go into more detail than that.

RP Sample: She cleared a space on the desk, sitting on top of it, indian style. She went back to picking at her sleeve in silence for a moment, biting her lip once more, as the impenetrable mask she tended to wear now around everyone else slipped. Her brow furrowed together for a moment in concentration. After a moment of this she lifted her head, and looked directly at Houjin. "I might... " She rubbed her face a moment, forcing herself calm. "I might be able to help more then originally thought..." In her palm formed a small sphere of air, and she played with it, pulling at it, reshaping it. As if she needed something to distract her while she explained.

"When my family and I were on the run, they sent me to live with my grandmother for a while... this way, or so they thought, they could lead them off my trail for a while. When I was living with her she did some serious training with me. She's... a very old woman, and very wise. She also, until then, happened to be the only member in my family left able to enter into the spirit world... let alone possess a spirit form." She closed her hands around the ball of air, allowing it to rotate in her palms. "That's.. why none of the brain washing works.."

She looked back up to him, sighing. "I'm able to freely leave my body. It's not the normal comatose state left behind either.. my body remains with its basic functions, even some movements... they tend to repeat after a while, but when someone's not paying that much attention it looks just as I should be. It's.. safest in my sleep." She bit her bottom lip for a moment longer, her gaze just resting on him and waiting for some sort of reaction.

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