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 Advertisement Rules

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PostSubject: Advertisement Rules   Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:30 am

1. If you post on our board, make sure there is a place we can return the favor.
2. No one is perfect, if you end up double posting your advert, we won't be mad. Just don't be angry if we end up reposting several times as well.
3. Bumping your posted page is allowed, we just ask that you don't go hog-wild. Please wait at least 24 hours between bumping.
4. All board types are welcome! We are a Forumotion board, so we use [center] codes, keep that in mind.
5. Forumotion has a weird habit of removing links from images and advert pages. We all know it, we all hate it. Please be sure to check your posted advert to be sure the links work. If they've been removed, feel free to repost the text link via a reply to the original, or contact staff to have it reinserted. Staff apologizes for the headache, but there's not much we can do about it.
6. If you wish to affiliate, just leave us a button code and we'll put you up. We ONLY have STATIC affiliations, however the widget is visible on ALL pages of the board. We do not care if you place us as static or scrolling, so long as our button is visible on your site.
7. No pornographic or exceedingly violent adverts/boards please. We are a PG-13 site and child friendly; we'd like to keep all sections of the board such.


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Advertisement Rules
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