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 Episode #2: The Bully

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Hidoi Harikēn

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PostSubject: Episode #2: The Bully   Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:15 pm

Hidoi flew downtown. People travelling above ground, mostly by the use of glider staffs, was an everyday thing, and the skies were thick with it's own traffic. Since the age of 9 Hidoi could travel the sky highways with ease, and would sometimes get into races; most of which he would win.

After flattening 5 idiots trying to rob a harmless man who made a bad choice, Hidoi was awarded money and was suddenly feeling like doing the same to another moron. What his father told him began to ring true in his head, and Hidoi began to feel like this was the sort of thing he could get used to doing.

There happened to be an individual making trouble below. Hidoi used his cape to glide to a large tree branch, landing lightly upon it to allow the cape to settle gently. With the way the guy was bragging and showing off his muscles below, he was wondering if he belonged to the same group of individuals who'd just tried to rob that man back in the alley. Who were these guys? Hidoi wanted to know who lead these clowns.

The guy below was just an over-confident bully, something Hidoi happened to detest with a passion. The few who did happen to stand up to him were lying down soon after. He had moderate airbending skills, but he was victorious mostly due to his physical power. Hidoi was unable to continue sitting there watching the bully beating on people and decided to jump in.

He dive-bombed toward the ground, increasing his speed even further by generating a swift current of wind behind himself. Before slamming into the ground, Hidoi pulled up at the last moment and aimed himself at the shirtless muscle-bound bully. He threw himself to a complete stop, but in doing to he would launch an image of himself constructed from the momentum of his dive-bomb. It quickly flew at him, slamming into the bully with enough concussive force to send him completely off of his feet and send flying a distance. Hidoi took off moving again after the thug was sent flying, building up more momentum while moving into the thug's flightpath. He swung his arms toward the airborne thug, sending toward him a looping gust of wind. It slammed into his body, changing his trajectory and instead would cause him to spill toward the ground below, and not splat into the wall as he was about to, effectively and most likely saving his life. People standing around were watching speechless.

The thug gathered himself and stood up clutching his mid-section. “Ugghh...wh-what the hell!” he said. He looked around to eventually spot Hidoi standing nearby with his arms folded.

”Not so fun when you're the one getting beat up and humiliated, huh?”

“You just got lucky you little squirt! I'm gonna break you into tiny little pieces!” He stood up and took a charge toward Hidoi, just to be hit in the face with a large sphere shaped like a fist. Rapid punches flew toward his face and mid-section, several blocked or avoided, but most of them meeting their mark and slamming into the intended body part. The thug tried several airbending techniques, but all were easily swept aside by the child.

In a stylish fashion Hidoi pulled the Mind Stick from it's housing and used the staff to sweep the thug from his feet to then use the staff in the manner of a baseball bat, sending the thug flying like a ball; a loud crack sound could be heard as the staff slammed into the airborne thug. In the same swinging motion, Hidoi delivered another swing of the staff, creating another powerful gust to be sent speeding toward the thug, hitting him and changing his flight path before he again became a stain upon the wall he was sent flying towards. He fell out of the air to take a hard fall upon his face.

”You were talking so big a second ago, I can't hear you now. What went wrong?”

The thug was obviously out-matched here, and people watching started figuring this out. The thug was looking beat up now. “You... you just wait... you little...” he said, struggling to get to his feet. “I'll get you back one of these days...” As he stumbled off people began to applaud.

Hidoi didn't chase him, and looked forward to a rematch with the bully one day. He wasn't one to stand around basking in the admiration and quickly lifted himself airborne by adjusting the wind currents around his lightweight body. There'd be more trouble somewhere else around the city, and he was off to look for it...

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Episode #2: The Bully
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