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 Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender}

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Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender} Empty
PostSubject: Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender}   Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender} Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 9:32 pm

Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender} Olivia_Kakusei

The Basics!

Name: Olivia Kakusei
Birthday: 3/15
Age: 17
Gender: Female ♀ | Heterosexual
Element: Air


Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender} L_olivia

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Hair Color: Luminous-Platinum Pink  
Hair Length: Long - Tailbone Length
Eye Color: Light Royal Purple
Skin Color: Pink Pale
Body Type: Thin & Athletic

About You!

Personality: Olivia is a happy-go-lucky young girl. She has the heart of gold and the soul of silver, making her extremely nice and naive, too much for her own good. Olivia can be reserved and shy at times, and easily embarrassed. However, Olivia doesn't anger easily and she's usually never mean or spiteful. Albeit she can be naive at times, she can also be very strategic and intelligent if she knows the information. Some people nickname her the Reserved Tactician.

Olivia is a very gentle lass. She is very friendly which adds to how naive she is, not knowing what or who to truly befriend. Olivia is a great Samaritan, great to Earth and it's inhabitants. She gives to the poor, and feeds the animals, she has many nice townspeople-friends because of that. Olivia is also hard-working and often works around Villages or towns she happens to reside because of her nomadic lifestyle.  

Likes/Passions: Ever since Olivia was a young child, even before bending, she has always had a liking for sweets. When she was younger, her mother would always give her a sweet piece of candy before bed, she always said it would give Olivia sweet dreams. Olivia has fondness of all colors, her eyes are her favorite asset because of this liking. Flowers tie into her liking of colors, and she especially likes them because they're sweet and moist smelling, which she simply adores. Finally, Olivia has a love for animals, even ones that would usually frighten others.

Dislikes/Hates: Olivia definitely hates cocky and arrogant people. Olivia is a quiet person, so noise and commotion isn't her thing. However, when in battle, her likes and dislikes are shoved aside. Olivia dislikes spicy foods more than a lot of things. She feels as if they burn her tongue and the spicy things are too salty. It all conflicts with her love of sweets. Finally, Olivia doesn't like dull and awkward situations.


Birth & Beginning Arc:

"Pure Nomadic Bliss" Promise Arc:

RP Sample: My Character: Ryouma/GreysonRoss - {Click Here}

Faceclaim: Olivia Kakusei | Fire Emblem
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Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender} Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender}   Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender} Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 9:38 pm

Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender} 4jstj8

Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender} VmAUC0R

History || Jeice the Shirsu and Houjin's Saddle Bag

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Kakusei, Olivia {Air Bender}
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