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 Avatar Alternate Universe

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PostSubject: Avatar Alternate Universe   Avatar Alternate Universe Icon_minitimeSat Oct 25, 2014 3:02 am

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The Lone Avatar Aang, is thrown into a giant world, in which he must learn the four elements. Wind, Fire, Earth, and Air. Currently Aang is traveling the world to learn multiple bending. In Avatar the Alternate Universe, Aang was never frozen. Soon Sozin's comet approaches, threatening the peaceful world that everyone lives in. Will you fight for the Fire Nation? Or will you rebel against the mighty Sozin and his comet?

-Create a Custom or Cannon Character into any Nation you wish.
-Become a specialized Bender or Non-Bender
-Earn Plushies for rare, or upcoming abilities
-Discover the world of Avatar before the young boy was frozen in time.

Avatar Alternate Universe ZpdAlNw
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Avatar Alternate Universe
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