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 Yasuhiro Takahashi (WiP)

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PostSubject: Yasuhiro Takahashi (WiP)   Yasuhiro Takahashi (WiP) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2014 12:41 am

Yasuhiro Takahashi (WiP) I2714862684

The Basics!
Name: Yasuhiro Takahashi
Birthday: November 17th
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Element: Airbender/Chi Blocker

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 230lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long, mid back, tied back usually
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Tan
Body Type: Athletic

About You!
Personality: Strive for perfection, be the best you can be. Yasuhiro is a shining example of the expression practice makes perfect, being someone who has devoted his entire life to his craft and has come to excel at it. He is calm and collected, never letting his rage or frustration get the better of him. His discipline is second to none and his impressive Martial Arts skills have seen him gain a large amount of respect from his peers. He gives off somewhat of an air of arrogance, though that is mostly due to the fact that he is often someone who doesn’t speak unless needed, allowing his actions to do his speaking for him.

While he often comes across as straight laced and boring, Yasuhiro is not necessarily as straightforward as people seem to like to believe. Inside his own head he is never good enough, something that was instilled into him by his father who was a hardass on him all throughout the training he had done at home, and then by his instructors at the school. He often can hear his father’s voice telling him that he is not good enough and that he will never amount to anything and that troubles him more than anything else. He is extremely hard on himself mentally, and tends to be hard on himself physically as well, sometimes resorting to selfharm as a punishment for not being good enough.

Likes: Yasuhiro may not seem like he is the type to enjoy such a thing but one of the things he treasures most in life is the praise of others. After his treatment from his father when he was a child, and from the instructors at the “school” who always told him he’d never be good enough, he took the praise of others to be something extremely worth cherishing and would always go out of his way to make sure that people who praised him were happy. He is also a fan of martial arts contests, as he enjoys showing people just how good he is and opening himself up for praise. He is essentially someone who fishes for compliments through fighting.
Dislikes: More than likely due to the fact that he enjoys when people praise him for his strengths, Yasuhiro bates weakness. It doesn’t matter whether it stems from himself or someone else, if he detects weakness he will do everything he can to stamp it out. Yasuhiro also is not a fan of people who are loud or boisterous, as he was always taught to be more humble, and he will not very often interact with such people, except for certain circumstances.

History: Describe your character's history, must be at least 300 words long.

RP Sample:

Faceclaim: Yasuo - LoL
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Yasuhiro Takahashi (WiP)
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