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 Umi Okeru Hakumei - Waterbender

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Umi Hakumei
Umi Hakumei

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PostSubject: Umi Okeru Hakumei - Waterbender   Umi Okeru Hakumei - Waterbender Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 11:28 pm

Umi Okeru Hakumei - Waterbender GrubAvatar2

The Basics!
Name: Umi Okeru Hakumei ( Sea at Dusk )
Birthday: March Fifth
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Element: Water

Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 120 pounds
Hair Color: Dark blue
Hair Length: Waist length, braided into a single braid
Eye Color: Medium Blue
Skin Color: White, moderately pale
Body Type: Her body, while short in stature compared to others, is lean but very fit and agile, while not giving her a masculine appearence with bulky muscles.

About You!

Personality: Umi is a complex person, and tends to be sporadic, often changing moods at whim. She enjoys quiet things like reading, but can easily have fun in many ways. Umi is not hyper or super-talkative, however one would be completely wrong to call her anti-social. She simply prefers quieter activities in her free time, reading, writing, stretching, or just thinking. Umi is in many ways like the ocean. She can be calm and quiet, move along at a nice pace, being friendly, or sometimes a massive storm at sea, or a tsunami. While her emotions are under her control for the most part, and her "fuse" is normally fairly long, she can be a sight in anger or when in a life threatening situation. Consider the ocean, no minor force can move it to a fury, the same is true of Umi.He doesn't shout ot scream, stamp her feet, or throw insults, her fury is a strange thing, it alters her stance and posture at times, and she can seem to exude raw fury rather than thrash about aimlessly. Yet when the storm is over, it ends fast, like weather on the ocean, she can go from angry to calm at blinding speeds. Umi is a force of her own, and will not be controlled, she will not let other manipulate her if at all possible. That said however, she is easily capable of great generosity, mercy, and compassion. She would never take a life, unless absolutely forced, not even when her anger is aroused. and is more than willing to help others whenever possible. However, Umi also has an annoying habbit of being blunt. Others have called her cruel at times. She values truth, and it may not be wise to ask her a question you can't stand the answer to. While she values truth, she can be deceptive when nessisary. Umi is also like water in another way. She is determined, and can be as stubborn as a bull. And if she can't achieve her goals, she will find her own path. She is creative and intuitive, when a dam blocks her way, she finds a way around it, carving her own path.

Likes: Umi likes to read, and actually likes to exercise and train. She has a great love of nature as well, and a reverence for it. She marvels at the beauty of the world, sometimes in things no one else can see beauty in. She likes to have nice friendly talks with people, and simply enjoy life. Her favorite color is ice-blue (white with a blueish tint) Her favorite food are pears. Her favorite time of day is dusk.

Dislikes: Umi's number one dislike is arrogance, and pride. Both of which she can't stand. They make people cruel, mean, and prone to deception. She views those who are extremely arrogant or pridefull as fools and idiots, as well as weak. They may not be weak in terms of skill, strength, or speed, but are weak of mind. One who can't keep their pride in check is showing they can't control their own emotions on a basic level. She hates cooked spinach (though she likes it raw), and never eats it. She also dislikes noon-day if the sky is free of clouds. Sunlight glaring off every shiny surface annoys her.

History: Umi was born on a tiny island just south of the northern water tribe. It was a small island, with only their home on it, and if not for waterbending, would be completely covered in thick ice and snow, making it unrecognizable from the glaciers and icebergs. She was born in the evening, and afterwards her parents held her and admired the sunset, and decided to name her after that beautiful dusk. She was raised with her parents on that island, where they lived. It was an ideal home, they had the silence of the ocean, and yet quick and easy access to the city where most of the northern water tribe citizens lived. She was raised to love the calm and quiet, and her parents were as loving as could be. Every mourning they all arose to admire the sunrise together, and their day ended by admiring the sunset together as a family. Her family was as tight-knit as possible in her childhood. At the age of 8, she took up gymnastics of a sort. She had shown signs of being a waterbender, and as a result, she though the fluid movements of waterbending would be far easier if she had physical training for it. So, while her parents thought her too young to study bending, they agreed it was a good idea for her to study and train herself. A waterbender is only as good as the fluidity of their motions and balance of their mind. She was sent out to learn and train both her body and mind. Cautionary stories told of new waterbenders who lost control of their emotions before they were trained, causing harm to both people in property by accident. She was taught how to meditate, and how to control her own emotions, or, at the very least restrain them. While many waterbenders begin training earlier, her father, as a child, had lost control of his temper, and actually killed someone when he accidentally cracked off a large section of an iceberg, and crushed a fisherman without even realizing he was bending. He was traumatized as a result, and hence insisted Umi took meditation classes long before she would be allowed to learn bending. Umi heeded her fathers wishes, and studied them, and never missed a single class. By her current age her body was athletic adn honed, as was her mind, allowing her to hardly ever get extremely angry, and even then be in control of herself. Now, at the age of 17, she has just been permitted to leave to study waterbending. Even getting that approval took much testing from her parents, seeing if she could manage her own funds, etc.

RP Sample: Umi sat on the massive wall, facing out to sea, at the edge of the norther water tribe's city. It was a beautiful wall crafted to withstand attack, and entirely made of hard ice and snow. It was a sunset, technically the opposite of dusk, but then again, they were so much alike. She would set out to learn and practice her bending now. She was an adult in some ways, and now was her time to set out on her own. No doubt she could find a waterbending master to teach her, if not, she could learn herself. She was a creative person, she could fund her own moves and her own style if she needed. She watched the ocean as the sky lit up, the sunlight just on the horizon changing the water to interesting colors, while much of it was still dark blue from the darkness that was receding. She stood, as a guard passed her. Her body was lean and athletic. Rather than the normal blues she wore mostly black. A black shirt and a black pair of pants. She had a small white furry mask, some demonic looking pattern on it. It was supposed to mimic a spirit. It helped keep her face warm mostly. Her dark blue hair was in a single braid, looking rather whip-like, and ended just under her waist. She had black gloves and boots as well, and the only part of her skin visible was her upper face. This helped greatly with keeping her warm in the north pole. but they were not heavy fabrics, and she was used to the cold. You couldn't live in the northern water tribe without getting used to being cold. She stood and sighed, her mask muffling the sound until it was hardly audible. It was time to head out. She would re supply and head out to learn her bending. But she would not likely stay in the north pole. Wanderlust called out to her, she felt the need, after all this time, to explore. But first, she must supply. So, Umi rose and jumped off the wall onto a street on the other side, admiring the beauty of the city made from snow and ice. Her destination was determined when, after several minutes of walking, she found a bending supply store. She only had a little money, her parents had given her enough to purchase a basic waterbender supply, a water-skin. She found many great ones in the store, some very large,, with multiple spouts for pulling the water from, some even worn like a backpack, they were so large. But they had bending supplies of all kinds, instruction scrolls for various waterbending moves, forms, stances, etc. They had coats, heavy clothing, medical supplies for travelers. In the end, she approached the owner, and only bought a rather basic, ice white-blue, water-skin. As she fitted it to her blue belt, she sighed again. She had not a penny to her name. But if she would travel, a water-skin was a necessity.

Faceclaim: This image was obtain through Deviantart. It was not created by me, nor do I claim to be it's creator.
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PostSubject: Re: Umi Okeru Hakumei - Waterbender   Umi Okeru Hakumei - Waterbender Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 9:27 am

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Umi Okeru Hakumei - Waterbender
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