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 Zhou, Ju

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PostSubject: Zhou, Ju   Zhou, Ju Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 5:24 pm

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The Basics!
Name: Ju Zhou
Birthday: December 30
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Element: Earth

Height: 5'4
Weight: 127
Hair Color: Pink Hair
Hair Length: Backlengthed
Eye Color: Hot Pink
Skin Color: Light
Body Type: Slim

About You!
Personality: Ju can overall be a egoistic type of character. Rude, sometimes abject, loud, have a potty mouth, you name it. She's usually the type to not follow others, and just follows her own "instincts", just because she says so. She's also the type of character to think she's always right about everything. She doesn't really care much for other people's opinions or what they say about her. Haters gonna hate, right? You can say Ju can also be the type that's self-conscious, only follows what she thinks is right, just because she was an only child, which was apart of a reason of why she's Ju isn't also really the one to make friends, but she can also be the type to start a conversations. She isn't really one of those people that doesn't enjoy company, but it would depend on the person's attitude, which takes to another worse to describe Ju, which is being a hypocrite. Of course, whenever someone does something, Ju would somewhat do the same thing, and then complain about it afterwards. The Earthbender can also be competitive. Winning would just be about everything to her, even if it's just a tiny bet, or a game just for fun. No matter what it is, Ju expects herself of winning.

Ju isn't all the type the selfish type of character to roll along. There are some features that help up cover some of her obvious negative traits, for example, her hyperactive attitude. She may seem like someone with a bubbly personality, but really is much more of a disguise to cover up she's an egotistic person. Just because she seem like she's friendly, doesn't really mean she'll introduce herself in a friendly way. She can actually be her selfish self in a more bubbly way, but would probably literally enforce it whenever needed to. Ju is actually quite a adventurous gal, who always likes to have fun, with a "devil from hell" type of expression, or someone who likes to take their life to the fullest... Well, not really THAT far, but just looking for some fun. Ju can also be a determined, and hard-working person when it comes to her training, and battles, and maybe tasks. She can actually be understanding, but would still consider herself right, just because.

Likes: Ju has many likes, and take for example, herself. She just loves to be right, because she feels like she's smart, even though in reality she's blinded by her own egotistic personality, but that's besides the point. Ju also happens to like adventure and excitement. Nothing that's life threatening that gets Ju pumped up.

Dislikes: Ju does NOT tolerate boredom. She's always expecting some sort of excitement, anywhere, and anytime. Considering how Ju can be a loudmouth, she doesn't also really like quiet places. Also, Ju doesn't really like smartasses, even though she can be one herself, along with being wrong. She can be again, her hard-headed self and just try to prover her point, even though there's a chance she;ll just trip over her words.

History: Ju grew up as an only child in the earth kingdom, with both parents as non-benders. Nothing interesting really happened in her life. She had some strict parents alright, too. Both mother and father. Ju had some restrictions applied to her even as a child. First and for most, she would be isolated from literally and pretty much from everyone else. She wouldn't even leave her school, except when it's time to get her education done.

Ju never really experienced the "outside" live, as in talking with other people. She would basically be one of those people that are shy, and can have a hard time trying to talk with others, or even try to avoid others. If she would of entered the "outside" world alone with her shy state, she really wouldn't do great trying to socialize. Ju's parents reasoning for this was because they wanted her to be a good girl, or "avoid her mind from being a typical brainless person."

Taking back to Ju's teen life, it was time she can actually explore the city on her own. She was of course, still shy back then, so it would be hard for her to try and be friendly, making conversation, etc. She didn't really have much interests to take apart on in her life. She wasn't seeing anyone or anything. Ju was just... "exploring" the city of Dochuu, until there was an interesting sight that caught her attention: earthbending.

As she was strolling around her residential streets, she couldn't help but notice a sight of two young boys playing with earthbending, mainly playing with balls made entirely out of earth. Their skills weren't really impressive, but this "game" they had was really interesting to Ju's eyes. Of course though, she wouldn't really be able to practice or try out earthbending. Ev er since then, everyday then, Ju would always try to practice earthbending, somewhere where she wouldn't get caught be her parents, that is. It wasn't so easy for Ju to practice so easily, but she'll be getting there.. Somewhere.

At then the age of 22, Ju was then ready to live out on her own. With a few years of practicing some earthbending, with some little improvement, she would then try her best to become the strongest earthbenders out there, and fight for the thrill, the action, and for pride, and that's where the Earth Temple comes in handy to practice and hang out all by herself.

RP Sample:

Faceclaim: Kanon Nanase - Vocaloid
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PostSubject: Re: Zhou, Ju   Zhou, Ju Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 6:01 pm

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Zhou, Ju
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