Avatar RPG: The Legacy

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PostSubject: THIEVES!    Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:11 pm

The thrill of the city excited the young earthbender once more as he the airship landed. It was good to be on land again. The earthbender felt that flying scary to say the least. Ulquiorra having gotten to the high altitudes inhaled a heavy breath of air as his feet touched the city pavement. Nothing felt safer to him than land. Going through the motions of entering the flying city he was after a few minutes of quietly waiting for approval he was permitted to enter. The clouds seemed so much closer thought the bender as he headed towards the markets.

Ulquiorra wanted to go the markets for many reasons. The main being was he needed to sell some merchandise he gathered from his travels. Another he had a contact that wished to speak to him about a certain item that might interest him. Ulquiorra had no idea what item could his contact have to sell so badly he would go through the hassle of finding and mailing him, but it had to be important. His green eyes scanned the people walking about their way as he tried sifting through the crowds seeing if any new current trends were out.

One person peculiar caught his watchful eye. This man was walking as another, but he had a certain stride about him. He walked with a purpose. A calm purpose which aroused suspicion to the careful eye, but to those not the man was invisible. The walking behind a woman with such grace stole her coin pouch. Ulquiorra almost missed it had it not been for the consistency of the man’s thieving deeds. In less than a minute he stole at least five pouches of other people’s hard earned money. Ulquiorra now starin at the thief quickly decided to follow and stop the man.

Ulquiorra not the most subtle quickly lost patience with the stealthy tactics and let his body do as it will. Ulquiorra stomping the ground caused cuffs to stop the thief from walking. The crowds parted as the thief dropped his loot and hear Ulquiorra call him out on his actions. The crowd staring watched as the man trying to pry free of the earthly cuffs denied. Though it fell in deaf ears as the man had built himself a reputation as many things none of them being a man of honest dollar. People checking their pockets noted their bags missing.

Ulquiorra now having gather the attention of the police explained calmly and without hesitance of his actions and the man’s crimes. The police simply nodding with agreement as they  took the stolen pouches as they could not figure whose pouch was whose and simply started to walk off. Ulquiorra watched with slight anger as he wondered what would happen to the money now. Shrugging he watched the thief be carried off a few moments later which somehow reminded him he must get to his contact for that special item.  

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