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 Zansho Jun Chi

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The Basics!
Name: Zansho Jun Chi
Birthday: April 18th
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Element: Fire

Height: 4'0"
Weight: 60 Pounds
Hair Color: Red/Orange
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Eye Color: Orangish-red
Skin Color: Tan
Body Type: Athletic

About You!
Personality: Zansho is a bit.. odd, to put it lightly. At least compared to most children her age. While most children play pretend, have imaginary friends, and imagine things in general, Zansho takes it to a whole new level. She can normally be found mumbling or talking to herself, or perhaps to someone else. This, added onto the other strange behaviors she exhibits, such as when she randomly breaks out in song or does some other un-normal or quirky thing such as bust out laughing for no apparent reason, causes her to come off as a bit... insane, a lunatic really.
However, despite all of these little differences from the norm with her behavior and personality she is a typical child: she loves her parents, and is known for taking in little pets from time to time - usually wounded animals that she stumbles across and nurses back to health.
She is shy and soft spoken when around people she doesn't know; either hiding behind her parents until she's comfortable enough to be around the stranger, or if it's someone she meets out in the world while she's alone she has in cases been known to flee in utter terror - often to go find some place to hide while she spies on the stranger. 
Likes: Gummy bears, lollipops, hard candies, any that's candy in general she's known for eating - although she does tend to avoid chocolate itself. Not that she dislikes chocolate, she just prefers hard candies and other 'fruit' flavored candies.
Zansho always enjoys reading and drawing; though above all of this she loves to sing - known for busting out in song at random when the spirit moves her.
Dislikes: Zansho has a great dislike for people who talk down to others or who try and insult then. She knows what it feels like to be treated as an 'other' by not only children her own age but adults, and hates to see other people being treated like that. It's one of the rare few things that actually causes her to act as a Firebender is "supposed" to act, and actually exhibit some form of a rage mode towards someone.

History: Zansho has been considered "different" for the majority of her life. She showed how abnormally strong she was even as a young toddler; catching many objects on fire in her home and the homes of others. At first she was dotted on; she had the signs of a prodigy in the making, and this caused people to be more than willing to put up with the child. But, as her differences in personality became more apparent, as did her odd behavior, many started to pull away from the child - preferring not to have her around. She didn't get angry like a 'normal' Firebender did: she was far too peaceful and calm: and far too much of a lunatic to be allowed around the other children - it made her looked at from many as a disgrace to the whole Fire Nation.
Her parents, however, loved her. So, instead of casting her out as had been suggested more than once they left and became travelers so to speak. Her father had experience in selling items, and used this to became a traveling trader so to speak, going any where that their feet could lead them - and where their mules and horses could pull their cart and home. Zansho couldn't be happy though, and hardly missed the actual house they once had, nor the Fire Nation itself. She was able to see the world; and with the training provided by her father and mother, she only grew stronger as time passed. Her parents likewise were happy with their choice; reveling in the freedom they had to go where they pleased and to do what they wanted. 
While Zansho didn't have many friends due to them constantly moving around she did get rather good in befriending the wildlife; always one to go out of her way to help an injured animal - known for bringing home a variety of pets or 'friends' as she called them. Her parents never minded though, knowing that she didn't have any older or young siblings to play with, or cousins to speak of.
And so Zansho continues to move around with her parents, a new place every few weeks, waiting for some sort of adventure to start up... or a new path to open itself to her...

RP Sample: The sound of glass shattering echoed throughout the area. It was a plate being thrown like a Frisbee; shattering upon impact with the garden wall. This of course was followed by a rather insane sounding giggle from the elderly female who had done the throwing.
"Whoa! Gram!", said Avery who had just barely managed to dodge the plate her grandmother had chucked at her. This was a normal 'sport' so to speak between the two: her grandmother had always said that nothing came from training safely.
"Well someone has to keep you on your toes, Avery!", said the elderly female, chuckling once more. She was spinning a plate on the tip of her finger; the plate spinning so quickly due to the air being swirled around it that the image on it was nothing more than a solid mass of color - not even a blur anymore.
Avery was watching her carefully, knowing that at any moment the elderly woman could fire the spinning plate towards her. She chanced a glance at Lil' Bai, who was off to the side, sprawled out on his back nomming on yet another stick of bamboo - he wasn't even paying attention anymore to what was going on. She glanced back at her grandmother just in time to see the plate come shooting straight towards her; she gave her entire body a spin that would make any ballerina envious, the simple and yet graceful movement created a large gust of wind that followed the same movement; as the plate hit the wind it got pushed off to the left, causing the plate to go flying into the wall again where it shattered upon impact; it's broken fragments added to the small pile.
Avery's grandmother chuckled again, and with the help of her cane - something she was still getting used to due to her badly damaged leg she had got during the attack by Marquetta - she hobbled her way over to Avery. Avery's smile slipped a bit as she watched her grandmother move. In the back of her mind she found herself remembering she had still yet to tell her friends about her secret: about what she had done to Marquetta.

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