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 Youta Zhu

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The Basics!
Name:Youta ZhuYouta Zhu Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRs3bPBCOmyYb8VFN4D64k99z-VGYiJrOGBSUQ5JLZVUher4XMm
Birthday: 10th July
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Height: 6"3
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: Light Brown
Body Type: Mildly Muscular

About You!
Personality: Youta is a very power hungry person who desires nothing more than to be in complete control. Due to this he often has problems when he is not in control of a situation and will not work well in a group if he is not in some type of a leading role. This thirst for power however has lead to Youta being very cunning and tactical. Youta prefers to calculate the situation no matter how little and then decide which would be best before acting. Due to his bringing up he is also of relatively high intelligence. This however contributes greatly to his arrogance and his lack of empathy for those who he deems unworthy, which could be considered a great weakness for him. To achieve his goals he will go to many lengths and is always yearning for change and for something greater. Whilst lacking empathy for those who he deems unworthy he holds great value in those close to him due to their scarceness and justifies his actions by using them as a reason.
Likes: Youta's main goal is to become one of the most famous names in the world. He enjoys mostly reading and logical games such as chess but also has a weak spot for fighting and the adrenaline rush that he gains from it. Although he tries to hide it he also has an enormous love for animals especially those which he can ride. His favourite food would be deep fried calimari whilst his favourite drink is lemon tea.
Dislikes:  Youta has a strong hatred for those who do not make use of what they have and instead decide to rely on others. For instance the able-bodied who refuse to work only to receive payments for doing nothing. He also detests those who are immeasurable y weaker or less intelligent than him as they do not allow him to act like he normally would. His least favourite food would be any dish with mushrooms whilst his least favourite drink is any strong alcoholic beverage
History: Youta was born into a very well off family and did not have much trouble throughout his life. His grandfather was a smith and Youta's father was a smith himself until he went onto a university in the capital of the Fire Nation. There he became a scholar where he met Youta's mother and soon thereafter Youta was born. Due to business Youta lived with his Grandmother, Grandfather and Mother for most of his child years with frequent visits from his father. His father earned good money as a professor which meant that Youta never had any troubles with life. He tended to help out with his grandfather in the Blacksmiths and gained quite a knowledge of smithing weapons but he never dared to attempt it, glad to learn about how and what made each thing. Due to his fathers profession Youta was also never short of books to read and this became one of his main hobbies. It was no doubt that Youta was going to become a firebender due to his lineage and it soon showed. However his parents never enrolled him in a school or thought to teach him due to the peace in the world.

In school is where his lust for power and control began. His upbringing meant that he had an easy time at school and this meant that he was often surrounded by those who thought he would rub off on them. However Youta soon learned that knowledge was power and soon starting tutoring students for money and favours. He would 'teach' them and they would pass without breaking a sweat. In return he would become richer or somebody would owe him something. For a long time Youta was untouchable and he used his favours very efficiently. However when he left school at the age of 16 he lacked any motivation to carry on his education and simply decided to leave home. Unfortunately the power which he had felt in his school years affected him in ways he did not understand yet and his search for power began.

He however found out that the outside world was not as simple. He managed to get people to owe him but he usually found himself using these favours for petty things such as money for food. He was set on becoming Fire Lord and desired nothing more than that and travels the world now in look of support. He was alone for nearly all of his first year of travel and used his firebending to help keep him alive. He is now in his third year of travel and is searching for a firebending master to train him in the hopes that his firebending could help him achieve his goal.

RP Sample: Youta continued to run away from the bandits. He was in big trouble this time. It was night time and he had decided to continue travelling alone. He could hear their footsteps but couldn't see them. From the sounds it seemed like there were no more than 6 of them but that was still too much for him to handle. He continued to run down the path and then took a sharp turn to the right. He lit a small fireball in his hand no larger than a baseball and dropped it behind him. He continued doing this as he moved along. If he could start a forest fire they wouldn't be able to find him. He could still hear them as her ran deeper into the forest.

He soon found a cave and thought about going in. The fire did not stop the bandits but they were very far behind. Instead of going into the cave he aligned certain rocks in certain places to make the entrance very narrow. He then got a stick and set it on fire and threw into into the now very small entrance. He was very hurt and he wasn't the strongest guy which meant he was very fatigued. The bandits were approaching so Youta quickly dove into a deep bush covered in nettles and broken sticks. He wanted to scream but managed to contain the pain

"In here!" One of the bandits shouted as they saw the light in the cave. They awkwardly manouvered themselves into the caves trying their best not to hurt themselves. The biggest of the bandits decided he was not going to fit and decided to stay outside. Youta's plan was not going accordingly but he would try his best. When all but the larger bandits were inside searching for him Youta jumped the larger guy. He used whatever he could find to attack him and soon the bandit was knocked unconscious by a rock. However the bandits inside the cave were not slow to notice that their buddy was shouting in pain. Before Youta knew it he was surrounded by the bandits with no place to go. The rocks seemed to have been moved out of the way by a force. Youta tried to run but his foot was now stuck in the ground.

"An Earthbender" he thought to himself "Of course. I was an idiot". Then in a flash everything was black. He woke up lying down on the floor covered in bruises and struggling to get up. His dagger was gone and his gold was definitely stolen as well. All he had now was the Fire Nation robes he had and the clothes underneath it. At least the bandits had spared him his life.

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