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PostSubject: Nissū    Nissū  Icon_minitimeSun Nov 10, 2013 3:32 am


The Basics!
Name:  Nissū
Birthday: November 11th
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Element: Air

Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 142 Lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Short to Upper back.
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: White, Fairly Tan
Body Type: Average, Fit

About You!
Personality: Nissu's personalty is a quiet and simple one. He is known to be very calm and collected at times but if you get to really know him, he opens up. Once opened, Nissu becomes a new person. He still retains his calmness but also adds in a bit of a sarcastic and energetic feel to it. He sometimes gets reckless in moments when he wants to try something new. Nissu though is a loyal and trustworthy friend that will always have your back, he might tease and sneak lies once a while but at the end is a loyal friend.
Dislikes: Nissu hates being in crowded spaces as he feels like he is being trapped. He also dislikes clowns to a weird level, unable to look at them without feeling a bit off and annoyed. Even though Nissu loves the water, but doesn't know how to swim which he hates that he never learned.
Likes: Nissu likes are as simple as he is. He prefers cool and calm weather, the ocean breeze and basically anything about freedom. He loves traveling to new places and discovering and trying new things. He also loves any type of food as he is willing to try everything there is to digest, his favorite food are red apples though. He enjoys sleeping in on every day, as he becomes quite lazy sometimes. Relaxing is Nissu's favorite pass time, as doing nothing allows him to feel free as possible.

History: Nissu's life from start to present day has been quite a normal life. He was born into a small family as he is an only children of a Non-bender nomad father and an Airbender mother. His childhood started off simple as he developed his airbending abilities at the age of 5, his father seeing that his son was a real air nomad started to train him in everything about being an airbender while his mother actually taught him airbending. His father became quite strict with these sort of things as he wanted to do everything by the book and by the old traditions. But with his father's strictness, Nissu never became who he wanted to be. He felt that he was being trapped by his heritage to the point where he wasn't himself. His father kept Nissu inside most of the time to research and study the history of the air nomads predating back to before the 100 Year War. This started Nissu's love to explore, begin stuck inside Nissu always dreamed over traveling the world and exploring everything. He wanted to feel the real freedom, he was learning about in the books but his father couldn't see it. Nissu thought about running away when he was 12 but it was fail attempt. He tripped down the stairs and woke up both of his parents, that was the end of that. Like I said, Nissu's life didn't have any pain or suffering, he didn't lose his parents or anything too bad happening, his life was a simple and normal one but it then changed. At the age of 17 right before his 18th birthday, Nissu felt that his simple life needed a big change, he wanted to travel the world but he knew that it wouldn't be simple. His past attempt reminded him of that. It was though, it actually was too easy that Nissu couldn't believe it. His mother one day came to his room and saw her son in a sad state and told him what she wanted him to do. She told him to "find his freedom". Nissu's mother knew that Nissu wasn't going to be happy with this secluded life and that she understood that Nissu needed to go and that she was going to handle his father. That was that then, Nissu took his mother's blessing and wrote a letter to his parents that night telling them that he was going to see the world. He found a way and got himself on to a trading boat and started his journey.

RP Sample:
The grass rustled outside of the air temple, as the full moon lit up the night sky. Everything was quiet and normal, everyone was sound asleep from the nomads to the flying lemurs, except Nissu. He was quietly rustling around his room, gently picking up supplies and throwing them into his bag. He was ready to escape his life and head out into the free world. At age 12, Nissu heard many tales about the world and wanted to see it all. He slowly creep out of his room making sure not to wake his parents up. His footsteps tiptoeing from one spot of the floor to the next, using his fluent footsteps he was taught by his mother to keep himself silent. His heart started to beat faster and heavier as he got closer and closer to his parents room. His mind kept on saying "Pass this and you're home free. You got this! You got this!" His palms began to sweat and his forehead as well, he was getting nervous but excited. He was actually getting close, he is actually going to do this. He got to the door of his parent's room as he saw the door slightly opened, he poked his eye directly into the slit and saw his parents sound asleep. He gracefully moved passed it as he let out a breathe of relief. He passed the living room and headed towards the stairs, his final challenge was to walk down four steps. He placed his right foot down and then his left, heading down the first step. He got overly excited as he skipped the second on and moved to the third, this was a mistake. He lost his balance and footing and tripped down the last step, falling face first into the floor. The sound of the fall was alarming, it almost echoed through the whole air temple. Clearly it woke up his parents. "Nissu! What are you doing?!" Yelled his mother..

Faceclaim:Taken from Pugletz off of DeviantArt. All credit goes to creator. http://pugletz.deviantart.com/
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PostSubject: Re: Nissū    Nissū  Icon_minitimeSun Nov 10, 2013 4:03 am

Approved! As this meets the minimal requirements, though cutting it close, matching the exact minimum on personality. Not my style, but Approved none the less.

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